A worldwide transformative romp filled with humor, compassion, and charming vignettes. The text demonstrates the close learning experience and relationship between a student and hid spiritual master in the Vedic art of Bhakti Yoga.
    The odyssey takes the reader from the crash pads of San Francisco in the 60s, to the estate of John Lennon and recording sessions with George Harrison. The adventure continues in India, where the author spent over five years traveling and establishing ashrams. The journey closes with travels and lecturing in Northern Ireland, Lebanon, and a clandestine speaking tour behind the Iron Curtain.

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   A collection of poems, 1960 - 2002, by Roger Siegel. The chapters are entitled Empathy, Doodlings, Musings, Travels, and India. Roger says in the introduction,

Endless beginnings is the idea of experiencing even routine things fresh and new, to not be afraid of a challenge or an unknown and being able to embrace the adventure at every moment.

$10.00 USD


$10.00 USD

   Selected texts from the book read by the author, with musical accompanyment.

  Relaxing and therapeutic guided meditation by Roger Siegel, yoga master and licensed hypnotherapist.

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$15.00 USD

  Inspired and serendipidous jazz fusion session with San Francisco's best.


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