Artistic Offering (#83)
The Hare Krishna Mantra
by Rita McNaughton ("Momji"), Age 84

Since I have been chanting Hare Krishna regularly, everything in my life is falling into place and is giving me peace of mind. Even when I awake in the night, I chant and fall asleep peacefully. My health is better too. All this confirms what Prabhupada said:

"In any condition, either sleeping, or in awakeness, or in business, or walking on the street, or lying on the bed, you have simply to practice. And the mantra is so powerful that it will build up your character, it will bring peace and happiness, and your health will be improved. Everything you will find all right."

Therefore I'm very grateful to Prabhupada for introducing the Hare Krishna mantra to us all. If it can benefit me, then it can benefit anyone.

With love,
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