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Salvation from the Material World Preaching to rock stars (Nov. 25, 2015):
"On November 2nd, 1974, ex-Beatle George Harrison launched his North American tour in Vancouver, Canada. Since George was a follower of Krishna consciousness, the Vancouver devotees were eager to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books and magazines to local fans attending his concert. George was expected to play a number of hits from his latest record (“Living in the Material World”), which contained many songs of devotion to the Lord."

Drinking the Supreme Nectar The perfection of life (November 22, 2015):
"One time when Srila Prabhupada arrived at the Toronto temple a foot bathing ceremony was performed with milk, ghee, honey, etc. Somehow or other a few of us managed to hijack the entire bowl of nectar and make off to the brahmacari room. There we drank the sacred amrta from Prabhupada's lotus feet, laughing aloud and rolling on the floor in bliss."

Remembering Srila Prabhupada in India, 1977 (November 19, 2015):
"Although Srila Prabhupada's health was not strong, he traveled to Allahabad in January of 1977 to preach at the Maha Kumbha Mela festival. Over ten million people were expected to attend the grand spiritual event. At the auspicious astrological time, the pilgrims would bathe in the triveni, the holy confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and Sarsavati rivers."

The Day Our World Stopped Prabhupada's Disappearance (Nov. 15, 2015):
"Words can't describe the devastation that we all felt. Hearts broke and tears flowed everywhere. The universe was in sorrow. The pure devotee of Lord Krishna had left the planet. We had lost our master, our protector and our ever well-wisher. Suddenly the universe became cold and dark, and all hope instantly fled from our lives. How could we go on without Prabhupada? It was inconceivable."

A Message to our Readers and Friends Announcement (October 27, 2015):
"I'm writing to inform you that I'll be taking some time off from posting new material on this website and also from engaging in too much e-mail correspondence for the time being. (Click here to read more.)

The Peace Formula The key to peace and prosperity (October 27, 2015):
"Therefore, if you want peace at all, you will have to change your consciousness into Krishna consciousness, both individually and collectively, by the simple process of chanting the holy name of God. This is a standard and recognized process for achieving peace in the world."

The Hare Krishna Mantra Great chanting for deliverance (October 27, 2015):
"Krishna consciousness is not an artificial imposition on the mind; this consciousness is the original energy of the living entity. When we hear the transcendental vibration, this consciousness is revived. And this process of chanting Hare Krishna is recommended by authorities for this age."

Seeing the Prime Cause (Editorial) Taking the essence (October 27, 2015):
"As Prabhupada clearly advised: 'To have some little disagreements among yourselves is not very unnatural because we are all individual beings. But as we are working on behalf of Krishna, we should always forget our personal interests and see to the prime cause.'"

Welcome An open invitation to our readers and friends (October 26, 2015):
"Welcome to The Prabhupada Connection. Please come in and make yourself at home. This is a friendly website, and we're pleased to have you here."

Back to Godhead Interview BTG interviews our editor (October 26, 2015):
"I've always wanted to help spread Srila Prabhupada's glories around the world. So many people know about Mahatma Gandhi, for example, but how many people know about the founder of the Hare Krishna movement in the Western world?"

The Vaisnava Journal Our previous publication, 1986 (October 26, 2015):
"We have to defeat tryranny in the realm of thought, and create a will for world peace."

Honoring the Pure Devotee (Editorial) Prabhupada ki jaya! (Oct. 26, 2015):
"A Krishna Consciousness person thinks always about himself as the lowest creature in the world, and the more one thinks like that he becomes elevated more and more. A Krishna Conscious person is never falsely puffed-up; he is satisfied with his humble position as the servant of the servant of the servant of Krishna."

Hare Krishna and the Magical Mystery Tour (1967) (October 25, 2015):
"I remember the first time I heard the phrase 'Hare Krishna.' I had just purchased my first record album entitled Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles. The lyrics to each song were printed on the inside sleeve or cover of the L.P. The following sentence appeared in the song ... 'Elementary penguin singing Hare Krishna. Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.'"

Forever Grateful to Srila Prabhupada (Editorial) (October 25, 2015):
"Thinking back to the late Sixties and early Seventies, I fondly remember how the Hare Krishna mantra had already infiltrated contemporary culture due to Srila Prabhupada's extraordinary efforts to spread the holy names throughout the world. A number of famous musicians and artists had begun to discover the chanting and were promoting it in their records and books."

Photo Album #936 The perfect example of guru-bhakti (October 24, 2015):
"So he said that 'I am not interested for my salvation or going back to Godhead. I am not interested.' Interested means it may come; it may not come. 'That I don't mind. But I am interested only with the words of my guru.' Visvanatha Chakravarti said."

Deities #732 Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara, Vrindavan (October 24, 2015):
"In the mirror of Radharani's heart, the transcendental features of Krishna appear increasingly new and fresh. In other words, the attraction of Krishna increases in proportion to the understanding of Srimati Radharani. Each tries to supersede the other. Neither wants to be defeated in increasing that intensity of love."

Manasa Deho Geha By Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura (October 24, 2015):
"Mind, body, and family, whatever may be mine, I have surrendered at Your lotus feet, O youthful son of Nanda!/ In good fortune or in bad, in life or at death, all my difficulties have disappeared by choosing those feet of Yours as my only shelter/ Slay me or protect me as You wish, for You are the master of Your eternal servant." (With MP3 by Vishnujana Swami)

Deities #731 Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha, Radhadesh (October 23, 2015):
"Sri Krishna continued: 'All the inhabitants of Vrindavana-dhama -- My mother, father, cowherd boy friends and everything else -- are like My life and soul. And among all the inhabitants of Vrindavana, the gopis are My very life and soul. Among the gopis, You, Srimati Radharani, are the chief. Therefore You are the very life of My life.'"

Photo Album #935 No happiness without Prabhupada (October 23, 2015):
"In the Fifth Canto of Brhad-bhagavatamrta (5.44) it is stated that the association of a pure devotee is more desirable than life itself and that in separation from him one cannot even pass a second happily."

Who is Crazy? By Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta, 1969 (October 23, 2015):
"Lord Sri Krishna says, 'My dear Arjuna, there are different classes of men. One class of men, they are sleeping. And another class of men, they are awake. They are not sleeping.' And how is this so? This chanting, which we have performed just now, is the wakening process for the sleeping soul."

Whatever Happened to the Revolution? (Editorial) (October 22, 2015):
"For many of us who came of age in the Sixties and Seventies, the counterculture and its promise of an alternative society based on love and peace was an important part of our lives. Art, music, poetry, philosophy, ecology and human rights were just a few of the buzzwords floating around the collective psyche of the Sixties generation. Revolution was in the air."

Deities #730 Sri Gopinatha, Radhadesh, Belgium (October 22, 2015):
"The sound of Krishna's flute always resides within the ears of the gopis and increases their ecstacy. When it is heard, no other sound can enter their ears, and amongst their family they are not able to reply to questions properly, for all these beautiful sounds are vibrating in their ears."

Photo Album #934 Following in the footsteps (October 22, 2015):
"By following in the footsteps of the great acaryas, one associates with the hamsas or paramahamsas, those who are completely freed from material contamination. Indeed, by following the instructions of the acaryas one is always freed from all material contamination, and thus one’s life becomes successful, for one reaches the goal of life."

Remembering #177 Like a swan floating on the water (October 22, 2015):
"He was moving smoothly like a swan or other water bird floating on the water. That was my first glimpse of him. At that time actually I saw he was effulgent, and that was the first time I’d ever seen any effulgence like that. It was real, and I hadn’t had any vision like that in dreams or any religious experiences like that. It was as real as I see this door."

Photo Album #933 Beautiful lotus-like Lord Krishna (October 21, 2015):
"My respectful obeisances are unto You, O Lord, whose abdomen is marked with a depression like a lotus flower, who are always decorated with garlands of lotus flowers, whose glance is as cool as the lotus and whose feet are engraved with lotuses."

Deities #729 Beautiful Radharani, Radhadesh, Belgium (October 21, 2015):
"So krsna-prema is so valuable, but Krishna is after Radharani. Just see how Radharani is great. Just try to understand the greatness of Radharani. Therefore She is so great, and we have to offer our respect."

The League of Devotees (Prospectus) May 16, 1953 (October 21, 2015):
"The human being in general has forgotten his real purpose of life, being too much attracted by the External Energy of the Absolute Truth and as such he is enamoured with beauty of material Nature without any consideration of his spiritual identity."

Chrissie Hynde: No Longer Just a Pretender (Editorial) (October 20, 2015):
"Chrissie Hynde, lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist of the legendary rock group The Pretenders, has just published her memoir entitled 'Reckless: My Life as a Pretender.' In her book, Ms. Hynde writes candidly about her 'sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll' lifestyle. Despite so much excess in her youth, Chrissie Hynde has gone from reckless to Krishna conscious."

Deities #728 Sri Gopinatha, Radhadesh, Belgium (October 19, 2015):
"I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who is Shyamasundara, Krishna Himself with inconceivable innumerable attributes, whom the pure devotees see in their heart of hearts with the eye of devotion tinged with the salve of love."

Photo Album #932 The pure devotee's compassion (October 19, 2015):
"My Lord, my heart breaks to see the sufferings of all conditioned souls; therefore I request You to transfer the karma of their sinful lives upon my head. My dear Lord, let me suffer perpetually in a hellish condition, accepting all the sinful reactions of all living entities. Please finish their diseased material life."

Remembering #176 We will solve all your problems (October 19, 2015):
"So as I was kind of walking backwards towards the door, I told him that 'I’m not quite ready' in a very halting manner. As I was going out the door, Srila Prabhupada had his hand on the doorframe, and I distinctly remember he had a tear coming out of his eyes and he said, 'Please come back,' just like that."

Deities #727 Srimati Radharani, Radhadesh, Belgium (October 18, 2015):
"Srimati Radharani is as fully spiritual as Krishna. No one should consider Her to be material. She is definitely not like the conditioned souls, who have mental bodies, gross and subtle, covered by material senses. She is all-spiritual, and both Her body and mind are of the same spiritual embodiment."

Photo Album #931 No separate endeavor is required (October 18, 2015):
"As fog is vanquished at the first glimpse of sunlight, one's sinful reactions are automatically vanquished as soon as one begins serving a pure devotee; no separate endeavor is required."

Remembering #175 Prabhupada was touching our heart (October 18, 2015):
"Srila Prabhupada was so personal in his dealings with the devotees, and that was one aspect that was so attractive to people in the early days of the Krishna consciousness movement. You see how Srila Prabhupada, he always relished reciprocating love with his devotees."

Deities #726 Sri Gopinatha, Radhadesh, Belgium (October 17, 2015):
"The question raised here is whether or not a person afflicted by material desires is fit to worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The answer is that everyone is fit to worship Him."

Photo Album #930 The direct help of the Lord Himself (October 17, 2015):
"The Lord is seated in the heart of all living beings, and thus, He knows very well the movements of all individual persons. As soon as the Lord finds that a particular soul is very eager to go back to Godhead, the Lord at once sends His bona fide representative."

Remembering #174 A powerful dream about Prabhupada (October 17, 2015):
"Over 40 years ago, I had a wonderful dream of Srila Prabhupada which is still fresh in my mind. Prabhupada was sitting in the prasadam room at the old Vancouver temple. Golden rays of pure love were emanating from his spiritual body."

In Memoriam Tribhuvanatha Prabhu Chakra.org, 2001 (October 16, 2015):
When Tribhuvanatha Prabhu left this world in October of 2001, some of his closest friends and admirers submitted eulogies to the old Chakra website. These clearly show how much Tribhuvanatha was loved and appreciated by all.

Remembering Tribhuvanatha Prabhu (1952-2001) (October 16, 2015):
"Tribhuvanatha Prabhu passed away on October 16, 2001, at the age of 49. He was an important and beloved disciple of Srila Prabhupada who led by example... He is still an inspiration to devotees everywhere."

Srila Prabhupada's Middle East Preaching Program (October 16, 2015):
"In early 1978, Tribhuvanatha Prabhu gathered together a small group of devotees with the aim of spreading Krishna consciousness in the Middle East for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada."

Beirut 1978: A Season in Hell Distributing Arabic Gitas (October 16, 2015):
"Over the years, devotees and friends have asked me what it was like preaching and distributing Srila Prabhupada's books in the Middle East back in the late Seventies and early Eighties."

Arabic Bhagavad-gita As It Is Jaya Sri Krishna! (October 16, 2015):
"Wherever there is Krishna, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjuna, the supreme archer, there will also certainly be opulence, victory, extraordinary power, and morality. That is my opinion."

What is the Difficulty? The Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt, 1978 (October 16, 2015):
"Since we have started this movement in the Western countries, Europeans, Americans, Africans, Egyptians, and Japanese are all chanting. There is no difficulty. They are chanting very gladly and they are getting the results. What is the difficulty?"

Peace, Love and Hare Krishna Ringo Starr shines on (October 15, 2015):
"Beatle drummer Ringo Starr, age 75, is on tour in North America this month with his All-Starr Band. He recently played in Victoria, Canada (October 8, 2015), spreading his now familiar message of 'peace and love' along with 'Hare Krishna.'"

Photo Album #929 Master at whose feet all other masters sit (Oct. 15, 2015):
"We are taught to address others as Prabhu. Prabhu means master; and the leader of the masters is called Prabhupada."

Deities #725 Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha, Radhadesh, Belgium (Oct. 15, 2015):
"The Lord in the temple in the worshipable form is never to be considered to be made of stone or wood, for the Lord in His arca incarnation as the Deity in the temple shows immense favor to the fallen souls by His auspicious presence."

Remembering #173 Srila Prabhupada, our ever well-wisher (October 15, 2015):
"He made it clear that he was caring for us and he was keeping us engaged in Krishna’s service. He didn’t want us to go away. He didn’t want us to give up. If we couldn’t serve in this capacity, then he wanted us to serve in whatever capacity we could."

Help from Friend in the Heart Krishna, our dearmost friend (Oct. 15, 2015):
"Because He's God, He's kind to everyone; without His kindness, we cannot live for a moment. That is a fact. But if one becomes a devotee, He gives special protection ... So therefore this human form of life is a special prerogative for the living entity, and if we take advantage of it and simply try to hear about Krishna, then our life is successful."

Deities #724 Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, Vrindavan, India (October 14, 2015):
"Lord Krishna says, mad-bhakta-pujabhyadhika: 'The worship of My devotees is better than worship of Me.' Similarly, in the Siva Purana, it is stated that the best mode of worship is to offer oblations to Visnu, but better than that is to worship the devotees of Krishna."

Photo Album #928 The proper use of attachment (October 14, 2015):
"Every learned man knows very well that attachment for the material is the greatest entanglement of the spirit soul. But that same attachment, when applied to the self-realized devotees, opens the door of liberation."

Remembering #172 Anything Prabhupada said was OK (October 14, 2015):
"Actually I didn’t understand anything that Prabhupada was saying really. A few little words I could get now and again, but I just sat there just drinking the vibration and the whole divine presence of his being. So by the time the interval came, I went to speak with the devotees and said, 'OK, when can I join?' It was just enough to see Prabhupada one time."

Turn the Material World into Vrindavan (Lecture) (October 14, 2015):
"Now you make your choice, whether you want to make your desires fulfilled or if you want to make Krsna's desire fulfilled. If you make your decision to make Krsna's desire fulfilled, then your life is successful. That is our Krsna conscious life. 'Krsna wants it; I must do it. I will not do anything for me.' That is Vrindavan."

Deities #723 Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, Mumbai, India (October 13, 2015):
"My dear Parvati, there are different methods of worship, and out of all such methods the worship of the Supreme Person is considered to be the highest. But even higher than the worship of the Lord is the worship of the Lord's devotees."

Photo Album #927 Effulgent Srila Prabhupada (October 13, 2015):
"Krishna is unlimited, His service is unlimited, and the energy of His servants is unlimited."

Remembering #171 Your spiritual life is already here (October 13, 2015):
"'The other day, someone wanted me to call it the International Society for God Consciousness.' He smiles and shakes his head. 'But I decided no,' he says. 'Krishna must be there.'"

The Immortal Nectar of the Bhagavad-gita (Poem) (October 13, 2015):
"O Bhagavad-gita/ Through Thy eighteen chapters/ Thou showerest upon man/ The immortal nectar/ Of the wisdom of the Absolute."

Deities #722 Sri Sri Radha Govinda, New York City (October 12, 2015):
"In the Adi Purana there is the following statement by Lord Krishna Himself, addressed to Arjuna: My dear Partha, one who claims to be My devotee is not so. Only a person who claims to be the devotee of My devotee is actually My devotee."

Photo Album #926 Srila Prabhupada is our hero (October 12, 2015):
"A devotee is also a great hero because he conquers the influence of maya. When Lord Caitanya inquired from Ramananda Raya about the most famous man in this world, the latter replied that anyone who is known as a great devotee of the Lord is to be accepted as the most famous."

Remembering #170 Everyone can serve Krishna (October 12, 2015):
"Interrupting the lecture, an old white-bearded Bowery bum enters and walks down the middle of the room. We sit in confused silence. He approaches the Swami. What to do?"

Who Am I? (Lecture) There is no difficulty (October 12, 2015):
"So I am very glad you are taking care of Nitai-Gaura so nicely, They are so nicely dressed. So continue these activities, and even if you cannot do anything, simply chant Hare Krishna and dance and 'Jaya Sacinandana.' That will make your life perfect."

Photo Album #925 Even by remembering the pure devotee (October 11, 2015):
"There is no doubt about one's becoming freed from all reactions to sinful activities after visiting a devotee or touching his lotus feet or giving him a sitting place. Even by remembering the activities of such Vaisnavas, one becomes purified, along with his whole family."

Remembering #169 Beautiful Radha London-Isvara (October 11, 2015):
"When he came to Bury Place and saw the Deities, he was always very encouraging. He used to say things like 'Krishna is very happy here, thank you very much,' and just nod and smile, just a little something that actually kept us going."

If You Want to Live Forever (Lecture) Sat-cit-ananda (October 11, 2015):
"If you have spare time, don't sit idly. If there is no facility for reading books or talking about Krishna, chant Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare. If you have got... Next moment, you can interchange, read something. Always be busy with Krishna. Then sun will not be able to kill you. You are going to live forever. This is the process."

Photo Album #924 The mercy of a pure devotee (October 10, 2015):
"The devotee knows that the Lord wants all the fallen souls to come back to Home, and therefore the devotee always tries to induce the conditioned souls to take to Krishna Consciousness by various means."

Remembering #168 Srila Prabhupada is irreplaceable (October 10, 2015):
"Some of the devotees, worried that Swamiji has decided to go to India to leave his body, ask him whether, during his absence, one of his God-brothers should come to America to assume ISKCON leadership."

Every One of You Become Happy Spreading the mercy (October 10, 2015):
"On May 12th, 1969, Srila Prabhupada and Poet Allen Ginsberg held a program at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio to an overflowing crowd of 2,000 students who sang and danced ecstatically as Srila Prabhupada chanted the Hare Krishna mantra.

Enjoying Prasadam at John Lennon's Estate (Photos) (October 9, 2015):
Srila Prabhupada: "I know that both you and John are very good souls. Both of you are pledged to do something for the peace of the world. By the grace of Krishna, you have already realized to some extent about the necessity and importance of Hare Krishna movement in the world."

Chanting for Liberation A conversation with Prabhupada (October 9, 2015):
On September 14, 1969, John, Yoko, and George Harrison, after enjoying an Indian vegetarian meal prepared by the devotees at the Temple, walked over to Srila Prabhupada's quarters for their first meeting."

Photo Album #923 The rays of the benediction moon (October 8, 2015):
"The devotees and self-realized persons who are engaged in preaching the glories of the Lord always maintain an ecstatic love for the Lord within their hearts. Thus they are benefited by the rays of the ecstatic moon, and they are called saintly persons."

Remembering #167 A marvelous social contribution (October 8, 2015):
"I did a lot of singing in the park, and so I used to come down, help out and sing along too. I had been singing Hare Krishna since ’63, and it seemed to me almost as if reinforcements had arrived from India."

Swami's Flock Chants in Park to Find Ecstacy NY Times (October 8, 2015):
"Sitting under a tree in a Lower East Side park and occasionally dancing, fifty followers of a Hindu swami repeated a sixteen-word chant for two hours yesterday afternoon to the accompaniment of cymbals, tambourines, sticks, drums, bells, and a small reed organ."

The Sound Incarnation of the Absolute Truth (Lecture) (October 8, 2015):
"We cannot have the knowledge of the Absolute Truth simply by argument or simply by philosophy or simply by big brain or speaking power. No, no. All these things will not do. Simply we have to follow the great authority."

Photo Album #922 A pure devotee is merciful to everyone (October 7, 2015):
"One of the qualifications of a sadhu is that he is very tolerant and is merciful to all fallen souls. He is merciful because he is the well-wisher of all living entities."

Remembering #166 Bhaktivedanta Swami's love (October 7, 2015):
"But I felt Swamiji’s love. He was a tender man, he was a caring man, and an innocent man."

A Devotee is Kind (Lecture) A Vaisnava has all good qualities (Oct. 7, 2015):
"You cannot find any fault of the devotee. Faultless. Magnanimous. Thinking of all living entities."

Photo Album #921 The highest benediction one can desire (October 6, 2015):
"The greatest achievement for a devotee is to become a servant of the servants. Actually no one should desire to become the direct servant of the Lord. That is not a very good idea."

Remembering #165 Do you want to see Krishna? (October 6, 2015):
"But Prabhupada had finished giving his lecture, 'And that is Krishna consciousness. Are there any questions?' And immediately an Indian lady stood up and her question was, 'Swamiji, can you see God?'"

Only a Devotee of a Devotee can be a Devotee of Krishna (Oct. 6, 2015):
"In other words, Lord Sri Krishna is the property of His pure unconditional devotees, and as such only the devotees can deliver Krishna to another devotee; Krishna is never obtainable directly."

Deities #721 Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara, Vrindavan (October 5, 2015):
"So you cannot see spirit, and God is the Supreme Spirit. Actually, He is everything -- spirit and matter -- but you cannot see Him in His spiritual identity. Therefore, to show kindness toward you, He appears out of His unbounded mercy in the form of a wooden or stone Deity so that you can see Him."

Photo Album #920 Srila Prabhupada offers the solution (October 5, 2015):
"By the mercy of the spiritual master and by his blessings, one can achieve peace and prosperity and be able to fulfill the mission of human life."

Mercy of the Spiritual Master (Lecture) This is the way (October 5, 2015):
"It is impossible to dedicate our life to Krishna unless we serve the devotee of Krishna. Tat-purusa-nisevaya. You cannot approach Krishna directly. That is not possible. You have to go through His devotee. Therefore Krishna sends His devotee, 'Go and deliver them.'"

Deities #720 Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama, Vrindavan, India (October 4, 2015):
"Krishna is always remembered, and His name is always chanted by millions of devotees, but the devotees never become saturated. Instead of becoming disinterested in thinking of Krishna and in chanting His holy name, the devotees get newer and newer impetus to continue the process."

Photo Album #919 I am obliged that you are all helping me (October 4, 2015):
"I thank you very much for your nice letter of appreciation. The kindly words that you have used in this connection are very much pleasing, but all the credit goes to my Guru Maharaj."

An Awareness of What is Best and Most Beautiful (October 4, 2015):
"You are a poet. You describe about God. You are expert in describing. So you just take this occupation, describing God. Then your life will be successful, and one who will hear you, his life will be successful. That is the injunction."

Deities #719 Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara, Vrindavan (October 3, 2015):
"Without being blessed by a pure devotee, no one can be fully satisfied, nor can anyone understand the transcendental position of the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

Photo Album #918 He always thinks about others (October 3, 2015):
"A devotee travels all over the country, from door to door, preaching, 'Be Krishna conscious. Be a devotee of Lord Krishna. Don't spoil your life in simply fulfilling your animal propensities. Human life is meant for self-realization, or Krishna consciousness.' These are the preachings of a sadhu."

Freedom from all Calamities This world is full of dangers (October 3, 2015):
"Now our business should be how to cross over the sea as soon as possible. So long you are on the sea, you are on the dangerous position, however strong your ship may be. That's a fact. So you should not be disturbed by the sea waves. Just try to cross over the sea. Go to the other side. That is your business."

Within Vrindaban's Woods and Groves Blissful MP3 file (Oct. 2, 2015):
"The composer/music director, Hrishikesh dasa (Henry Doktorski), explained: 'This recording of Within Vrindaban's Woods and Groves is our humble attempt to glorify our Lord Krishna and provide pleasure for the worldwide community of Vaishnavas.'"

Deities #718 Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara, Vrindavan (October 2, 2015):
"Krishna is the lover of Radha. He displays many amorous pastimes in the groves of Vrindavana, He is the lover of the cowherd maidens of Vraja, the holder of the great hill named Govardhana, the beloved son of mother Yasoda, the delighter of the inhabitants of Vraja, and He wanders in the forests along the banks of the River Yamuna."

Photo Album #917 How to achieve love of Godhead (October 2, 2015):
"Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes that a pure Vaisnava, as the proprietor of Krishna and love of Krishna, can deliver both to anyone and everyone he likes. Therefore to get Krishna and love of Krishna one must seek the mercy of pure devotees."

Deities #717 Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama, Vrindavan, India (October 1, 2015):
"O my Lord, sustainer of all that lives, Your real face is covered by Your dazzling effulgence. Kindly remove that covering and exhibit Yourself to Your pure devotee."

Photo Album #916 San Francisco Rathayatra, 1975 (October 1, 2015):
"I wish that it will be noted down in history that this Krishna Consciousness Movement is responsible for saving the world."

Deities #716 Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara, Vrindavan (September 30, 2015):
"When the plant of devotional service sprouts up from the seed of devotion, it begins to grow freely. When it is full grown, it surpasses the length and breadth of this universe and enters into the transcendental atmosphere, where everything is bathed in the effulgence of the brahmajyoti."

He is Here Srila Prabhupada is still here with us today (September 29, 2015):
"All you need to do is taste one drop and you know what the entire ocean tastes like. It is the same with Srila Prabhupada. You needed just one glance, one smile -- he did not have to say anything -- and you knew his mercy, his unlimited mercy."

How I came to Krishna Consciousness By an early disciple (Sept. 29, 2015):
"Srila Prabhupada's appearance in this world is a glorious part of the greatest story ever told: of how God has so much to give that He sends, from among His dear servants, His empowered messenger to abundantly deliver His divine grace and make the unfortunate fortunate again."

A Letter to Tribhuvanatha Prabhu 14 years ago (September 26, 2015):
"Tribhuvanatha Prabhu passed away on October 16, 2001. The following letter was written on the same day."

A Letter from Tribhuvanatha Prabhu Feb. 3, 1992 (September 26, 2015):
"After more than 20 years, I've decided to make the following letter available to the devotees."

In Honor of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura A celebration (September 25, 2015):
Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, the pioneer of the program to benedict the entire world with Krishna consciousness, was a prolific author of Vaisnava literature and songs. We have assembled a series of seven pages to help you meditate on the mood and glories of Bhaktivinoda Thakura's pure devotional service.

Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Appearance Day Lecture (September 25, 2015):
"So our adoration, our worship to Bhaktivinoda Thakura today because he may bless us to make peacefully progress in Krishna consciousness. Acarya-upasana, simply by the blessings of the acaryas we can make very rapid progress."

Deities #715 Krishna Balarama, Vrindavan, India (September 25, 2015):
"No one can understand Krishna by the blunt material senses. But He reveals Himself to the devotees, being pleased with them for their transcendental loving service unto Him."

Photo Album #915 Vancha-kalpatarubhyas ca ... (September 25, 2015):
"Vaisnava is the ocean of mercy. There is no end. As you cannot, I mean to say, draw all the waters from the ocean, it is not possible. Similarly, a Vaisnava, a devotee ... ocean of mercy. You can draw from it as much mercy as you like, still, it is full."

Remembering #164 The sweetness of Prabhupada (September 25, 2015):
"Prabhupada to me was a man full of grace. He was a gentle man, a gentle person, and compassionate and cultured. He displayed so much culture, and yet he led such a simple life and needed very little to comfort him."

A Tribute to Srila Prabhupada An offering of love (September 25, 2015):
"Where are you now?/ Savior of the universe/ like a celestial swan/ you have taken flight/ closing your pastimes/ leaving us to the shelter/ of your example/ You have gone/ and yet you remain ..."

Deities #714 Krishna Balarama, Vrindavan, India (September 24, 2015):
"The more you make advancement in Krishna Consciousness, the more you will see Krishna everywhere. Not only on the bank of the river, but also on streets, lampposts, and so on. The more you see like that you know you are making tangible advancement in Krishna Consciousness."

Photo Album #914 Happiness in separation (September 24, 2015):
"Please be happy in separation. I am separated from my Guru Maharaj since 1936 but I am always with him so long I work according to his direction. So we should all work together for satisfying Lord Krishna and in that way the feeling of separation will transform into transcendental bliss."

Remembering #163 Prabhupada fever is incurable (September 24, 2015):
"I had Prabhupada fever very quickly. It was very contagious. It was spreading right throughout, and I caught Prabhupada fever that first time that I saw him and I still have it today. Apparently it’s incurable. Once you catch Prabhupada fever, you have it forever."

Golden Dawn A poem for Srila Prabhupada (September 24, 2015):
"Prabhupada -- the Lord's dear wish/ To ignite the darkened soul/ Pouring immortal nectar sweet/ All cups to overflow."

Photo Album #913 Golden Srila Prabhupada (September 23, 2015):
"When a diamond is set in a golden ring, it looks very nice. The gold is glorified, and at the same time the diamond is glorified. The Lord and the living entity eternally glitter, and when a living entity becomes inclined to the service of the Supreme Lord he looks like gold."

Remembering #162 He was looking very golden (September 23, 2015):
"But the most amazing thing was that when he arrived, he was golden. He was just golden. And you could hear the devotees as Prabhupada was walking by, you could hear one devotee after another, they were gasping in surprise, “He’s golden!” “He’s golden!” “He’s golden!” And he really was."

Deities #713 Radha London-Isvara, London, England (September 22, 2015):
"Krishna hasn't got to seek external things for His pleasure. No. He is in Himself full, atmarama. So Radharani is expansion of Krishna. Krishna is the energetic, and Radharani is the energy. Just like energy and energetic, you cannot separate. Fire and the heat you cannot separate."

Photo Album #912 The heart of Krishna's pure devotee (September 22, 2015):
"Softness of the heart is compared with honey, with butter and with nectar. And the condition of the mind is compared with sunshine. As honey and butter become melted even in slight sunshine, so soft-hearted persons become easily melted."

Remembering #161 Personal darshan with Prabhupada (September 22, 2015):
"That first meeting with Srila Prabhupada completely changed the course of my life. I knew right then that I’d never met anyone like Srila Prabhupada in this lifetime and I would never meet anyone like Srila Prabhupada again. There was this universal feeling that emanated from Srila Prabhupada. It was like he possessed the power of the universe."

Srila Prabhupada on Writing Write your realization (September 22, 2015):
"You write your realization, what you have realized about Krishna. That is required. It is not passive. Always you should be active. Whenever you find time, you write. Never mind, two lines, four lines, but you write your realization. Sravanam kirtanam, writing or offering prayers, glories. This is one of the function of the Vaisnava."

In Honor of Srimati Radharani A Radhastami special (September 21, 2015):
"We have assembled a series of ten photos and quotes to help you meditate on the glories of Srimati Radharani on Her Blessed Appearance Day. A special feature of this collection is that all the pictures are of Radharani in Vancouver, where our personal all-time favorite Deities reside. Please enjoy. Jaya Radhe!

25 Transcendental Qualities of Srimati Radharani (September 21, 2015):
"Srimati Radharani has twenty-five transcendental qualities, and She can control even Krishna by them. Her transcendental qualities are as follows."

Srimati Radharani's Appearance Day Lecture (September 21, 2015):
"Now today is our Radhastami ceremony. So, so far Radharani, Radharani, today is the birthday of Srimati Radharani. Radharani is the pleasure potency of Krishna. Krishna is the Supreme Brahman. Just try to understand."

Deities #712 Srimati Radharani, Vrindavan, India (September 20, 2015):
"Sri Krishna continued: 'All the inhabitants of Vrindavana-dhama -- My mother, father, cowherd boy friends and everything else -- are like My life and soul. And among all the inhabitants of Vrindavana, the gopis are My very life and soul. Among the gopis, You, Srimati Radharani, are the chief. Therefore You are the very life of My life.'"

Photo Album #911 Prabhupada's love conquers God (September 20, 2015):
"A pure devotee is completely surrendered to the lotus feet of the Lord, and only by his love does he conquer Krishna, who cannot be conquered by anyone."

Remembering #160 All arrangements are already there (September 20, 2015):
"It was a serious, not so easy path, a path of spiritual emancipation. The more I learned, the more I understood it may not be finished in one life. So I asked him if when I leave my body and I’m not a pure devotee, in my next life is it you who is going to be my spiritual master."

Deities #711 Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai, Vrindavan, India (September 19, 2015):
"May the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the form of Lord Sri Caitanya bestow His causeless mercy upon us. His smiling glance at once drives away all the bereavements of the world, and His very words enliven the auspicious creepers of devotion by expanding their leaves. Taking shelter at His lotus feet invokes transcendental love of God at once."

Photo Album #910 Srila Prabhupada, our eternal father (September 19, 2015):
"So far as I am concerned, I have accepted you as my disciple, and you have accepted me as your spiritual father. This relationship cannot be ended anymore. It is eternal."

Remembering #159 The depth of Prabhupada's glance (September 19, 2015):
"His eyes were very penetrating, something about his eyes. It seems like Krishna bhakti comes from his eyes or something, but just for a second feeling his glance and just feeling the depth of that glance. And the intensity of emotion that everyone felt, we were just caught up."

Deities #710 Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai, Vrindavan, India (September 18, 2015):
"Since Lord Caitanya is especially merciful to innocent, unsophisticated persons, His name is also Patitapavana, the deliverer of the most fallen conditioned souls. Although a conditioned soul may be fallen to the lowest position, it is possible for him to advance in spiritual science if he is innocent."

Photo Album #909 Prabhupada at 26 Second Avenue (September 18, 2015):
"The special qualification of the pure devotee is that he is always thinking of Krishna without deviation and without considering the time or place. There should be no impediments. He should be able to carry out his service anywhere and at any time."

Remembering #158 He knew everything about me (September 18, 2015):
"When he first came to the temple, I wasn’t very conscious of who he was because I was a brand new devotee. He came into the temple room, and everyone paid their obeisances. When everyone had their heads down, I looked up at Srila Prabhupada and he laughed, he smiled at me."

Markine Bhagavata-Dharma A poem by Prabhupada (September 17, 2015):
"On September 17, 1965, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada arrived in Boston on board the ship Jaladuta. He carried within his heart the order of his spiritual master to spread the teachings of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu to the Western world."

Deities #709 Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, Vrindavan (September 17, 2015):
"One who executes Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's mission must be considered to be eternally liberated. He is a transcendental person and does not belong to this material world. Such a devotee engaging in the deliverance of the total population is as magnanimous as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Himself."

Photo Album #908 Prabhupada at Boston Harbor (September 17, 2015):
"My dear Lord Krishna, You are so kind upon this useless soul, but I do not know why You have brought me here. Now you can do whatever You like with me. But I guess You have some business here, otherwise why would You bring me to this terrible place?"

Remembering #157 Receiving Prabhupada's mercy (September 17, 2015):
"It was June '69 I think and Baradraj told me that they were going down to Boston to see Prabhupada who was coming there from the west coast. I accepted his invitation to accompany them in their VW microbus and we went. After a few days however Prabhupada still had not come."

The Jaladuta in Vancouver September 14th, 1961 (September 16, 2015):
"On the auspicious occasion of Srila Prabhupada's 50th anniversary of leaving Calcutta and arriving in Boston aboard the Jaladuta, I thought you might enjoy the following."

Deities #708 Srimati Radharani, New Vrindaban (September 16, 2015):
"To perform devotional service means to follow in the footsteps of Radharani, and devotees in Vrindavana put themselves under the care of Radharani in order to achieve perfection in their devotional service."

Photo Album #907 Important advice for all devotees (September 16, 2015):
"To think of becoming a fool is the real qualification for a bonafide disciple. As soon as one thinks that he has become the wiser man than the spiritual master one is surely doomed. We should remain everlastingly a fool before the spiritual master. Not artificially but feelingly and then we can make real progress."

Remembering #156 Even birds talk about Krishna (September 16, 2015):
"It was very noisy to the extent that you couldn’t really hear what you were saying, it was very noisy. Then Prabhupada stopped and looked at the tree and pointed his cane towards the tree and he said, 'They are discussing Krishna-katha.' We were all looking, 'What?'”

Deities #707 Sri Vrindaban Chandra, New Vrindaban (September 15, 2015):
"The gopis used to relish the beauty of Krishna as a ceremony of perpetual enjoyment."

Photo Album #906 Great mercy to the fallen souls (September 15, 2015):
"A devotee travels all over the country, from door to door, preaching, 'Be Krishna conscious. Be a devotee of Lord Krishna. Don't spoil your life in simply fulfilling your animal propensities. Human life is meant for self-realization, or Krishna consciousness.' These are the preachings of a sadhu."

Remembering #155 Prabhupada's sincere flower girl (September 15, 2015):
"One time I purposefully brought Prabhupada’s vases of flowers back to his altar late because I knew that he would be arriving. So I was the only one left in his quarters, and I had dared to do that because I thought that was a good chance for me to meet Prabhupada face to face."

Deities #706 Radha Vrindaban Chandra, New Vrindaban (September 14, 2015):
"Just as by clapping the hands one can cause many birds to fly away, similarly the birds of all sinful activities which are sitting on the body can be made to fly away simply by dancing and clapping before the Deity of Krishna."

Photo Album #905 The mercy of the spiritual master (September 14, 2015):
"For advancement of material knowledge there is need for personal ability and researching aptitude, but in the case of spiritual knowledge, all progress depends more or less on the mercy of the spiritual master."

Remembering #154 The Prabhupada connection (September 14, 2015):
"I can see myself here getting my initiation beads, and this is I think the best moment of my whole life – to actually get my beads from Srila Prabhupada and to feel like this connection was made."

Prayer to the Lotus Feet of Krishna Sept. 13, 1965 (September 13, 2015):
"I emphatically say to you, O brothers, you will obtain your good fortune from the Supreme Lord Krishna only when Srimati Radharani becomes pleased with you."

Deities #705 Srimati Radharani, Vrindavan, India (September 13, 2015):
"In Vrindavana all the pure devotees pray for the mercy of Srimati Radharani, the pleasure potency of Lord Krishna."

Photo Album #904 Serving the servant of God (September 13, 2015):
"The servants of God come to propagate God consciousness, and intelligent people should cooperate with them in every respect. By serving the servant of God, one can please God more than by directly serving the Lord."

Deities #704 Sri Shyamasundara, Vrindavan, India (September 12, 2015):
"Everyone has a tendency to love someone. That Krishna should be the object of love is the central point of Krishna consciousness."

Photo Album #903 Srila Prabhupada's humility (September 12, 2015):
"Although officially I am your Spiritual Master, I consider you all students as my Spiritual Master because your love for Krishna and service for Krishna teach me how to become a sincere Krishna Conscious person."

Remembering #153 Srila Prabhupada's glance (September 12, 2015):
"Prabhupada would be giving a lecture and his glance would fall over you, and he’d just be looking straight through you. The devotees, they felt that Prabhupada was seeing right into their heart. I’ve heard that from a lot of devotees, and I’ve felt that also."

Deities #703 Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish, Los Angeles (September 11, 2015):
"The Lord is transcendental to our mundane senses. He cannot be seen with our present eyes, nor can He be heard with our present ears. To the degree that we have entered into the service of the Lord or to the proportion to which our lives are freed from sins, we can perceive the Lord."

Photo Album #902 The compassion of a pure devotee (September 12, 2015):
"You have asked if it is true that the Spiritual Master remains in the material universe until all of His disciples are transferred to the Spiritual Sky. The answer is yes, this is the rule."

Remembering #152 First encounter with a pure devotee (September 11, 2015):
"I'd never been to a temple before, and we were ushered into the garden, and there I saw Srila Prabhupada and he was performing a fire sacrifice. I saw a devotee, a lady prostrate at his feet, and I stood there and just looking in wonderment, really."

Deities #702 Sri Sri Radha London-Isvara, London, U.K. (September 10, 2015):
"In the mirror of Radharani’s heart, the transcendental features of Krishna appear increasingly new and fresh. In other words, the attraction of Krishna increases in proportion to the understanding of Srimati Radharani."

Photo Album #901 Spiritual master removes confusion (September 10, 2015):
"Spiritual master means who solves all confusion. That is spiritual master. When one is confused, he goes to a spiritual master, and the spiritual master’s duty is to save him from all confusion. That is the relationship between the spiritual master and the disciple."

Remembering #151 Spiritual master removes doubts (September 10, 2015):
"Of course, all the devotees were saying, 'Prabhupada said this, Prabhupada said that, Prabhupada says, Prabhupada…' And I kept on thinking, 'When I meet him, what if I’m disappointed and say what’s the big deal?' I was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed, but I reserved the right to make my own opinion."

Deities #701 Sri Sri Radha London-Isvara, London, U.K. (September 9, 2015):
"In the Lalita-madhava, Rupa Gosvami explains that the movements of Krishna's eyebrows are just like the Yamuna, and the smiling of Radharani is just like the moonshine."

Photo Album #900 The faithful disciple is never alone (September 9, 2015):
"Just like Krishna can be present simultaneously in millions of places. Smililarly, the spiritual master can be present wherever the disciple wants. A spiritual master is the principle, not the body. Just like a television can be seen in thousands of places by the principle of relay monitoring."

Remembering #150 An early disciple remembers (September 9, 2015):
"I ran upstairs, took a shower, put on a dhoti, put on tilak, ran outside into the alleyway and flowers were showering from the top of the building, and Prabhupada’s car pulled up and the door got opened and Prabhupada came out. It’s the first time I saw him, and his smile was great."

Deities #700 The beautiful London-Isvara, London, U.K. (September 8, 2015):
"To those who are constantly devoted and worship Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me."

Photo Album #899 His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada (September 8, 2015):
"It is said that a single pure devotee of the Lord can deliver all the fallen souls of the world."

Analysis of Human Society Lecture by Srila Prabhupada (September 8, 2015):
"Any other process of human welfare activities, unless it is accepted collectively by the whole community, nation, there is no possibility of benefit to the individual person. But Krishna consciousness being transcendental and spiritual it is absolute. Even if collectively it is not accepted, any person who has taken Krishna consciousness individually, he’ll feel himself happy and prosperous."

Krishna Janmastami & Prabhupada Vyasa Puja (September 5 & 6, 2015):
"Only unto those great souls who have implicit faith in both the Lord and the spiritual master are all the imports of Vedic knowledge automatically revealed."

Deities #699 Srimati Radharani, Sri Vrindavan Dhama (August 24, 2015):
"Among the gopis, Srimati Radhika is the foremost. She surpasses all in beauty, good qualities, in good fortune, and, above all, in love."

Photo Album #898 Krishna & Prabhupada, our nice friends (August 24, 2015):
"Krishna is everyone's friend, and the pure devotee is carrying the friend's message. Therefore, he is a friend. If there is a nice friend, and if somebody gives information about that nice friend, he is also a friend."

Remembering #149 George Harrison on Srila Prabhupada (August 24, 2015):
"I liked Prabhupada's humbleness. I always liked his humility and his simplicity The servant of the servant of the servant is really what it is, you know. None of us are God -- just His servants. He just made me feel so comfortable. I always felt very relaxed with him, and I felt more like a friend. I felt that he was a good friend."

Deities #698 Srimati Radharani, Krishna-Balarama Mandir (August 23, 2015):
"There is no comparison to Radharani's beauty and the luster of Her transcendental body. The so-called beauty of the moon has fallen on the ground in the presence of Radharani's beauty."

Photo Album #897 More glorious than the sunshine (August 23, 2015):
"The sun is far above the planetary systems, and there is no possibility of its being covered by any kind of cloud; similarly, when a devotee is purified like the sun, from his pure heart there is a diffusion of ecstatic love which is more glorious than the sunshine."

Causeless Mercy #183 One simply has to approve (August 23, 2015):
"Even if one is not situated in such a transcendental position, if he simply approves of such a transcendental life, he also becomes very dear to Krishna."

Saved by the Hare Krishna Mantra by George Harrison (August 23, 2015):
"I ended up with my feet pressed against the seat in front, my seat belt as tight as it could be, gripping on the thing, and yelling Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare at the top of my voice."

Deities #697 Srimati Radharani, Sri Vrindavan Dhama (August 22, 2015):
"Actually, because Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, it is very difficult to approach Him. But the devotees, taking advantage of His compassionate nature, which is represented by Radharani, always pray to Radharani for Krishna's compassion."

Photo Album #896 Everlasting and joyfully performed (August 22, 2015):
"This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed."

Remembering #148 Another memory from Tribhuvanatha (August 22, 2015):
"When Prabhupada came though the doors of the lounge, his smile was oceanic. He was beaming. I was supposed to put a garland on him, but I froze. I thought, 'This person is not in this dimension.' I was only 18, but I could tell that he was not of this world."

Deities #696 Srimati Radharani, the Queen of Vrindavan (August 21, 2015):
"Radharani is hari-priya, 'very dear to Krishna.' Through the mercy of Radharani we can easily approach Krishna. If Radharani recommends, 'This devotee is very nice,' then Krishna immediately accepts me, however great a fool I may be. Because I am recommended by Radharani, Krishna accepts me."

Photo Album #895 Srila Prabhupada boarding the Jaladuta (August 21, 2015):
"There is a proverb in Sanskrit literature that enthusiastic persons achieve the Goddess of Fortune. In the Western part of the world there is tangible example of this slogan. People in this part of the world are very much enthusiastic in material advancement and they have got it."

Remembering #147 Tribhuvanatha das remembers (August 21, 2015):
"I was holding the door, and there was only Prabhupada and me. His servant was behind. When Prabhupada got to the door, he put both his hands on my head and started rubbing it in a very gentle way. I couldn't believe it."

In Honor of Momji A Tribute to my Mother (1922--2015) (August 20, 2015):
"I wish to inform the Vaisnava community that a great soul has passed from our midst. Her name was Rita McNaughton -- better known as Momji among devotees. She left her body peacefully on the morning of August 6, 2015, at the age of 93. Momji was a sincere devotee, and she also happened to be my mother. Following are a few words in her honor."

Deities #695 Beautiful Shyamasundara, Vrindavan, India (August 19, 2015):
"The sages, knowing Me as the ultimate purpose of all sacrifices and austerities, the Supreme Lord of all planets and demigods and the benefactor and well-wisher of all living entities, attain peace from the pangs of material miseries."

Photo Album #894 Srila Prabhupada's divine lotus feet (August 19, 2015):
"The lotus feet of our spiritual master are the only way by which we can attain pure devotional service. I bow to his lotus feet with great awe and reverence. By his grace one can cross the ocean of material suffering and obtain the mercy of Krishna."

Causeless Mercy #182 The Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt, 1978 (August 19, 2015):
"Since we have started this movement in the Western countries, Europeans, Americans, Africans, Egyptians, and Japanese are all chanting. There is no difficulty. They are chanting very gladly and they are getting the results. What is the difficulty?"

Deities #694 Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara, Vrindavan (August 18, 2015):
"The form of Krishna is visible to that eye in proportion to its purification by the practice of devotion. When the devotion of the neophyte reaches the stage of bhava-bhakti the pure eye of that devotee is tinged with the salve of love by the grace of Krishna, which enables him to see Krishna face to face."

Photo Album #893 Glorious Srila Prabhupada ki jaya! (August 18, 2015):
"Krishna is yours. You have the power to give Him to me. I am simply your servant running behind you shouting, 'Krishna! Krishna!'"

Causeless Mercy #181 Remembering George Harrison (August 18, 2015):
"Hari Krishna, Hari Krishna, Hari Krishna'? George kept chanting as thunderbolts exploded all around the jet like ack-ack fire."

Prabhupada writes to Sumati Moraji #4 January, 1969 (August 18, 2015):
"Please accept my greetings. I hope everything is going well with you. You will be pleased to know that this year two of my books have been published."

Deities #693 Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama, Vrindavan, India (August 17, 2015):
"My dear Nanda, we do not know why we are so attracted by your son Krishna. We want to forget Him, but this is impossible. Why are we so naturally affectionate toward Him? Just imagine how wonderful it is!"

Photo Album #892 Magnificent Srila Prabhupada ki jaya! (August 17, 2015):
"O Vaisnava, you are an ocean of mercy. Please shower your compassion upon me. Give me the shade of your lotus feet and purify my polluted heart. I am following you, begging -- Sri Krishna is yours -- you have the power -- give Him to me."

Prabhupada writes to Sumati Moraji #3 New York, 1966 (August 17, 2015):
"I consider your good self as one of the associates of Srimati Radharani Lord Krishna's most beloved consort. So your prayer to Lord Krishna for success of my mission in the Western countries will surely be heard."

Deities #692 The beautiful London-Isvara, London, England (August 16, 2015):
"May He continue to mercifully glance over us and our cows. May we live peacefully under the protection of wonderful Krishna."

Photo Album #891 Lord Sri Krishna in the Spiritual Sky (August 16, 2015):
"Krishna is always ready to help us for He is more eager to have us come back to Him than we are to go. Simply we have to accept His helping hand and then all our worries are over."

Prabhupada writes to Sumati Moraji #2 New York, 1966 (August 16, 2015):
"Surely you will be very much pleased to know that my preaching work is getting ground in this country. The most important factor is that my followers and assistants are all young Americans. They are educated and possess an aptitude for grasping reality."

Prabhupada writes to Sumati Moraji New York, 1965 (August 15, 2015):
"I am very glad to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated the 9th instant and have noted the contents. Since I have landed in U.S.A. I have improved my health and I am very glad to see that in America practically everything is available for our Indian vegetarian dishes."

Deities #691 Sri Shyamasundara, Vrindavan, India (August 15, 2015):
"Krishna's face is decorated with ornaments, such as earrings resembling sharks. His ears are beautiful, His cheeks brilliant, and His smiling attractive to everyone. Whoever sees Lord Krishna sees a festival. His face and body are fully satisfying for everyone to see, but the devotees are angry at the creator for the disturbance caused by the momentary blinking of their eyes."

Photo Album #890 Boundless transcendental happiness (August 15, 2015):
"In the stage of perfection called trance, or samadhi, one's mind is completely restrained from material mental activities by practice of yoga. This perfection is characterized by one's ability to see the self by the pure mind and to relish and rejoice in the self. In that joyous state, one is situated in boundless transcendental happiness, realized through transcendental senses."

Srila Prabhupada's Jaladuta Dream Rowing the boat (August 14, 2015):
"In the port of Calcutta on August 13, 1965, carrying only a small suitcase, an umbrella, and a bag of dry cereal, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, as he was known at the time, climbed up the steep gangway onto a cargo ship named the Jaladuta. The ensuing journey presented considerable hardship."

Markine Bhagavata-Dharma Like a puppet in Your hands (August 14, 2015):
"My dear Lord Krishna, You are so kind upon this useless soul, but I do not know why You have brought me here. Now you can do whatever You like with me. But I guess You have some business here, otherwise why would You bring me to this terrible place?"

Srila Prabhupada's Diary, August 13, 1965 50 years ago (August 13, 2015):
"When he left Calcutta harbour for New York there was no one on the shore to bid him goodbye. He was alone. A lone fighter. No friends, no supporter, no disciple, nobody. Even if you call me, I was not a disciple of his. I was a disciple of somebody else. So I was not his follower."

Letter to the President of India 21st November, 1956 (August 13, 2015):
"I am crying alone in the wilderness at the present moment. So please help me in this noble cause and oblige."

Photo Album #889 Prabhupada is pleasing the whole world (August 13, 2015):
"A person who is engaged in devotional service in full Krishna consciousness is to be understood to be doing the best service to the whole world and to be pleasing everyone in the world."

Bhagavad-gita As It Is 2.8 Solving the problems of life (August 13, 2015):
"I can find no means to drive away this grief which is drying up my senses. I will not be able to destroy it even if I win an unrivaled kingdom on earth with sovereignty like the demigods in heaven."

My Dear Mr. President Letter to the President of the U.S. (August 12, 2015):
"You are a great president of a great nation. In this age of unrest and quarrel, your strength, as well as the strength of your nation, will be lasting if it is built upon the pillars of spiritual knowledge and Absolute Truth."

Bhagavad-gita As It Is 2.7 Approaching a bona fide guru (August 12, 2015):
"Now I am confused about my duty and have lost all composure because of weakness. In this condition I am asking You to tell me clearly what is best for me. Now I am Your disciple, and a soul surrendered unto You. Please instruct me."

Photo Album #888 The intelligent way to approach God (August 12, 2015):
"Actually, without the mercy of a devotee nobody can approach the Lord directly--and it is easier to get the mercy of a devotee than to get the mercy of the Lord. So therefore the most intelligent way of approaching God is to take shelter of a pure devotee."

Dear Friend Mahatmajee A letter to Mahatma Gandhi (August 11, 2015):
"You should therefore take a note of warning from your insignificant friend like me, that unless you retire timely from politics and engage yourself cent per cent in the preaching work of Bhagwat Geeta, which is the real function of the Mahatmas, you shall have to meet with such inglorious deaths as Mussolini, Hitlers, Tojos, Churchills or Lloyd Georges met with."

Bhagavad-gita As It Is 2.11 The body will be vanquished (August 11, 2015):
"The Blessed Lord said: While speaking learned words, you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. Those who are wise lament neither for the living nor the dead."

Photo Album #887 The material world is a temporary place (August 11, 2015):
"In Bhagavad-gita (10.34) it is said that the Lord in the shape and form of death destroys all a person's possessions. Mrtyuh sarva-haras caham: 'I am all-devouring death.' The Lord in the shape of death takes away everything that is created by the conditioned soul. Everything in this material world is subject to perish in due course of time."

Correspondence A heartfelt thanks to our dear friends (August 10, 2015):
"Many thanks to our dear readers and friends who have written to us recently. It's wonderful to hear from so many of you. Your kind messages are deeply appreciated. Due to circumstances, I'm behind in all correspondence, but will try to get back to you ASAP."

My Dear George #2 Prabhupada writes to George Harrison (August 10, 2015):
"Great soul does not mean politician, or scholar, or so-called yogi, or any other so-called big, big man, famous musician, or scientist, or anything like that. No, great soul is one who understands that Vasudevah, Krishna, is the cause of all causes and all that is, and then surrenders unto Him. You are doing that, therefore I say that you are great soul, not because you have got some material name, fame or wealth."

Bhagavad-gita As It Is 7.19 Such a great soul is very rare (August 10, 2015):
"After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Such a great soul is very rare."

Photo Album #886 If you love somebody he is in your heart (August 10, 2015):
"If you think of me and work for me, then I am in your heart. If you love somebody he is in your heart. It is common thing, everyone understands it."

My Dear George #2 Prabhupada writes to George Harrison (August 9, 2015):
"Please try to understand this simple philosophy by critical analysis, and I hope by the grace of Krsna you will be a great servant of His in fulfilling His desire that He may be known by His Holy Name in every village and every city all over the world, and thus the people will become happy."

Bhagavad-gita As It Is 2.40 There is no loss or diminution (August 9, 2015):
"In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear."

Photo Album #885 Protect the valuable jewel of spiritual love (August 9, 2015):
"Devotees should protect their valuable jewel of spiritual love from the clutches of thieves and burglars."

My Dear Daughter Sally November 6, 1965, New York (August 8, 2015):
"I am so glad to receive your very affectionate letter of the 3rd instant and have noted the contents carefully. Yes I have got this nice typewriter by the Grace of the Lord and I am very much satisfied with it working."

Bhagavad-gita As It Is 2.20 Not slain when the body is slain (August 8, 2015): "For the soul there is never birth nor death. Nor, having once been, does he ever cease to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain."

Photo Album #884 You are doing your best to serve Krishna (August 8, 2015):
"You are doing your best to serve Krishna, that is very much appreciated, so do not lose enthusiasm out of frustration, that will spoil everything. Krishna Consciousness means we should always be satisfied and happy, not that we must work something impossible, becoming overburdened, and then because we are unhappy by so much trouble we lose enthusiasm altogether and give up all hope."

My Dear Brother A letter dated November, 1958, Jhansi (August 7, 2015):
"You are my brother in relation to our common and Eternal Father the Almighty Personality of Godhead Sree Krishna the revealing Author of the great book of Philosophy 'Bhagwat Geeta.' And from this book of transcendental knowledge, I have known that you and all other living entities, in whatever form they may be, are all my brothers."

Photo Album #883 Srila Prabhupada offers a simple formula (August 7, 2015):
"All of you please chant Hare Krishna, and hear the sound vibration, and serve Krishna and Spiritual Master to your best capacity and everything will be all right."

Momji has left the House Onward Krishna's soldier (August 7, 2015):
"'Momj has left the house.' These are the words Momji herself chose to describe her imminent departure just a few weeks ago in conversation. She said that it perfectly describes the situation of the soul which is just passing from one dwelling to another. No big deal -- just moving on, hopefully to a better place."

Krishna by Momji Blessed are the pure in heart (August 7, 2015):
"Whatever talent you have got, whatever little strength you have got, education you have got... you haven't got to learn anything. Whatever you have got, in whatever position you are, you can serve Krishna. Not that you have to learn something first and then you can serve. No. The service itself is learning."

Momji Update A humble servant prepares to depart (August 6, 2015):
"Momji is resting quietly with either live chanting of Hare Krishna, Prabhupada bhajans or her favorite song, 'My Sweet Lord' by George Harrison playing in the background. Although she is not moving physically (or taking food and water), her nurses say that she can still hear."

Photo Album #882 The transparent via medium to Krishna (August 6, 2015):
"When one is sincere, then Krishna is sitting within everyone. As soon as He sees that 'Here is a sincere soul. He’s seeking after Me,' so He manifests Himself out externally as spiritual master. The spiritual master is therefore representative of Krishna."

Prayers of King Kulashekhara (Article) 20th October 1958 (August 6, 2015):
"Actually there is nobody else who can become so causelessly merciful friend of us, except the Lord. He is called the friend of the needy. Unfortunately we seek our friendship in the flesh and blood without knowing a spiritual spark of the Lord cannt be happy in non-spiritual flesh and blood. A needy man cannot help another needy fellow."

Dear Readers and Friends A humble request to one and all (August 5, 2015):
"Momji, one of the first 'Hare Krishna Moms,' is now in the final stages of her life. She has been chanting the holy names since 1974 and has performed many services for Srila Prabhupada's movement and his followers. May we humbly request all devotees to kindly say a prayer on Momji's behalf."

Photo Album #881 Srila Prabhupada came here to give (August 5, 2015):
"So far I am concerned, I have not come here to cheat you nor to gain. I've come to execute the order of my Guru Maharaja."

Deities #690 Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama, Vrindavan, India (August 5, 2015):
"Krishna is always remembered, and His name is always chanted by millions of devotees, but the devotees never become saturated. Instead of becoming disinterested in thinking of Krishna and in chanting His holy name, the devotees get newer and newer impetus to continue the process."

A Letter from Tribhuvanatha Prabhu Sharing the love (August 4, 2015):
"After more than 20 years, I've decided to make the following letter available to devotees. I have to admit that I'm rather embarrassed to do so because the letter is quite personal at times. However when a great personality leaves this world it's customary to make available his or her letters, writings and statements for posterity."

Deities #689 Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama, Vrindavan, India (August 3, 2015):
"Our Krishna consciousness movement has therefore established two very large centers, one in Vrindavana and another in Mayapur, Navadvipa. There one may bathe in the Ganges or Yamuna, chant the Hare Krishna mantra and thus become perfect and return home, back to Godhead."

Photo Album #880 Srila Prabhupada offering obeisances (August 3, 2015):
"One who is not envious but is a kind friend to all living entities, who does not think himself a proprietor and is free from false ego, who is equal in both happiness and distress, who is tolerant, always satisfied, self-controlled, and engaged in devotional service with determination, his mind and intelligence fixed on Me -- such a devotee of Mine is very dear to Me."

Letter to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru 20th January, 1952 (August 3, 2015):
"As an humble disciple of Om Vishnu Pad Sree Sreemad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswamin, I wish to remain always true to you and everyone. And if you sincerely be true to your forefather, I mean the Brahminical culture, you have the strength and capacity to save the world by presenting the Brahminical culture once again for consummation of the distressed world. In such acts of your broadness of mind, I am always at your service."

Deities #688 Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama, Vrindavan, India (August 2, 2015):
"The abode known as Vrindavana or Gokula is also known as Goloka. The Brahma-samhita states that Gokula, the highest region of the kingdom of God, resembles a lotus flower with thousands of petals."

Photo Album #879 Srila Prabhupada deep in meditation (August 2, 2015):
"He who follows this imperishable path of devotional service and who completely engages himself with faith, making Me the supreme goal, is very, very dear to Me."

Relevant Inquiries (Article) Wednesday 20th April, 1960 (August 2, 2015):
"A small child walking with his father goes on enquiring constantly. He asks his father so many odd things, and the father has to satisfy him with proper answers. When I was a young father in my householder-life, I was overflooded with hundreds of questions from the then second son, who was my constant companion."

A Short Statement of the Philosophy of Krishna Consciousness (August 2):
"By sincerely cultivating a bona fide spiritual science, we can be free from anxiety and come to a state of pure, unending, blissful consciousness in this lifetime. We are not our bodies but eternal spirit souls, parts and parcels of God (Krishna). As such, we are all brothers, and Krishna is ultimately our common father."

Deities #687 Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama, Vrindavan, India (August 1, 2015):
"The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, is the fountainhead of all incarnations. Lord Balarama is His second body. These two are one and the same identity. They differ only in form."

Photo Album #878 Prabhupada at the San Francisco airport (August 1, 2015):
"If one takes shelter of the lotus feet of a great soul, there is every possibility of one's also becoming a great soul."

English Version of some Vaishnava Songs 20th April 1960 (August 1, 2015):
"Adore thy feet my Master/ And those who are devotees/ Rupa with elder and the other/ Jiva Adwaita with societies/ Krishna Chaitanya is my Lord/ Radha Krishna and Lalita accord/ Vishaka is there in the midst/ That's my prayer in the gist."

Miracle on Valencia Street Magic of New Jagannatha Puri (August 1, 2015):
"The old Valencia Street Temple in San Francisco went through many changes of ownership. Through all the different businesses -- this picture remains in the second floor window (since early 70's)."

Srila Prabhupada's KGO Radio Interview March 12, 1968 (July 31, 2015):
"We’re talking with Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta, head of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. If you have questions our numbers are 478–3456, in the East Bay 832–9707, in San Jose 272–1233. [break] A.C. Bhaktivedanta, International Society for Krishna Consciousness. What does the word Krishna mean?"

Deities #686 Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, Vrindavan, India (July 31, 2015):
"My dear Lord Caitanya, please have mercy upon me. There is no one who is as merciful as You. My plea is most urgent because Your mission is to deliver fallen souls, and no one is more fallen than I. I beg priority."

Photo Album #877 Prabhupada preaching to the multitudes (July 31, 2015):
"Now I am an old man, and am depending on you to carry on our mission more enthusiastically. The seed is already there. Now water it and let it grow and fruit will come out, fruit of love of Godhead, and you will all enjoy, even in this material world."

Homage to the World Acarya A must for all truth seekers (July 30, 2015):
"The following speech was given by Abhay Charan Das (His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) before the members of the Sri Gaudiya Math in Bombay, February, 1935, on the Appearance Anniversary of His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Prabhupada."

Deities #685 Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama, Vrindavan, India (July 30, 2015):
"There is no mechanical process to see the form of the Lord. It completely depends on the causeless mercy of the Lord. We cannot demand the Lord to be present before our vision, just as we cannot demand the sun to rise whenever we like."

Photo Album #876 Srila Prabhupada and his beloved disciples (July 30, 2015):
"The mercy of the spiritual master is always there, but we have to take it. Just like the sun, it is there for everyone, but we at least have to stand in a receptive place to get the benefit."

Remembering Srila Prabhupada San Francisco in the 70's (July 30, 2015):
"It was the summer of '75, and we were hustling like anything, getting ready for Ratha-yatra and the coming of Srila Prabhupada. We all greeted Srila Prabhupada at the Frisco airport, and Jayananda was there with an umbrella and bouquet for him."

Prabhupada Chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra (Video) (July 29, 2015):
"The result of chanting is that one awakens his love for Krishna and tastes transcendental bliss. Ultimately, one attains the association of Krishna and engages in His devotional service, as if immersing himself in a great ocean of love."

Deities #684 Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish, Los Angeles, 1974 (July 29, 2015):
"The transcendental form of the Lord installed in a temple is not different from the Lord personally. Such a form of the Lord is called arca-vigraha, or arca incarnation, and is expanded by the Lord by His internal potency just to facilitate the devotional service of His innumerable devotees who are in the material world."

Photo Album #875 Srila Prabhupada and his beloved books (July 29, 2015):
"I am neither a great scholar nor a great devotee; I am simply a humble servant of my spiritual master, and to the best of my ability I am trying to please him by publishing these books, with the cooperation of my disciples in America."

Bona Fide Spiritual Master #5 Bombay, February, 1935 (July 29, 2015):
"Gentlemen, the offering of such an homage as has been arranged this evening to the acaryadeva is not a sectarian concern, for when we speak of the fundamental principle of gurudeva or acaryadeva, we speak of something that is of universal application."

Srila Prabhupada Chanting the Holy Names (Video) (July 28, 2015):
"One can be free from all sinful reactions after reaching a place of pilgrimage, but one can have the same benefit at home or at any place simply by chanting the holy name of the Lord."

Deities #683 Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara, Vrindavan, India (July 28, 2015):
"I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who is Shyamasundara, Krishna Himself with inconceivable innumerable attributes, whom the pure devotees see in their heart of hearts with the eye of devotion tinged with the salve of love."

Photo Album #874 Srila Prabhupada offering full dandavats (July 28, 2015):
"No, I am lower than you. I am the lowest of the all creatures. I am simply trying to execute the order of my spiritual master. That's all. That should be the business of everyone. Try best. Try your best to execute the higher order. That is the safest way of progressing."

Bona Fide Spiritual Master #4 His Divine Loving Grace (July 28, 2015):
"Personally I am humble servant of Krishna as you are also, but I am deputed to accept your service just to transfer it to Krishna as via media. I shall try to do this service to you and Krishna throughout my life, and I am so proud to have such assistants as you are to help me in my mission to push on the Krishna Consciousness Movement."

Purushottam the Godhead (Article) 5th November, 1956 (July 28, 2015):
"The Absolute Truth in His Supreme Feature is 'Purushotam' or the Personality of Godhead. Impersonal 'Brahma' and localised super-soul 'Paramatma' features are His hazy and partial realisation, although 'Brahma', 'Paramatma' and 'Bhagwan' are one and the same Absolute Truth."

The Prayer of a Burning Heart (Video) Anadi Karama Phale (July 27, 2015):
"This is a song sung by Bhaktivinoda Thakur, depicting the picture of the conditioned soul. Bhaktivinoda Thakur is speaking, taking himself as one of the ordinary human beings, that, 'Due to my past fruitive activities (karma), I have now fallen in this ocean of nescience, and I do not find any means of coming out of this great ocean' ... 'It is just like the ocean of poison.'"

Photo Album #873 Srila Prabhupada offering obeisances (July 27, 2015):
"From my personal point of view, I think that I am so sinful that I cannot even approach Krishna to show me any favor. But I have only one hope -- my Spiritual Master -- He is very kind. So someway or other He is dragging me towards Krishna. That is the only hope. Sri Caitanya Caritamrta says therefore: Guru Krishna. By the mercy of the Spiritual Master, and by the mercy of Krishna, one gets into Krishna Consciousness."

Bona Fide Spiritual Master #3 The external Supersoul (July 27, 2015):
"The supreme spiritual master is Krishna, who is therefore known as caitya-guru. This refers to the Supersoul, who is sitting in everyone's heart. He helps from within as stated in Bhagavad-gita, and He sends the spiritual master, who helps from without. The spiritual master is the external manifestation of the caitya-guru, or the spiritual master sitting in everyone's heart."

Remembering #146 (Marriage Ceremony) San Francisco '67 (July 26, 2015):
"The marriage ceremony was yet another fire sacrifice. Many guests and visitors filled the temple room, including Yamuna’s Aunt Edna from Klamath Falls, Oregon. Janaki, Yamuna’s sister, had been running around making preparations and had brought margarine instead of butter to make the ghee used in the ceremony.."

Photo Album #872 His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada (July 26, 2015):
"Devotional service begins with śravaṇaḿ kīrtanam, hearing and chanting. When a man is sleeping, he can be awakened by sound vibration; therefore every conditioned soul should be given the chance to hear the Hare Krishna mantra chanted by a pure Vaiṣṇava. One who hears the Hare Krishna mantra thus vibrated is awakened to spiritual consciousness, or Krishna consciousness."

Hare Krishna Mantra by Srila Prabhupada (Video) Bliss! (July 26, 2015):
"The holy name of Krishna is transcendentally blissful. It bestows all spiritual benedictions, for it is Krishna Himself, the reservoir of all pleasure. Krishna's name is complete, and it is the form of all transcendental mellows. It is not a material name under any condition, and it is no less powerful than Krishna Himself."

Srila Prabhupada -- Leaving Los Angeles, 1970 (Video) (July 25, 2015):
"So when Prabhupada said he was leaving, it was a shock. And then, not only did he say he was leaving but he said because he was old … he said there’s a good chance he wouldn’t return, but we should carry on the movement anyway."

San Francisco Rathayatra Arrival Lecture, 1970 + Interview (July 25, 2015):
"Pressman: Do you know how many followers there are in the United States now? Prabhupāda: Unlimited. Some of them admit and some of them do not admit. That's all. Everyone is eternally servant of God, but some of them admit and some of them do not admit. That is the difficulty."

Srila Prabhupada Rathayatra, San Francisco, 1970 (Video) (July 24, 2015):
"Prabhupada was so happy about the Rathayatra festival and the success of it. He was just going on and on. He was saying, 'Why have we done all this? Why have we put out all this energy to put on this festival?' And he began to speak that 'This is the compassion of the Vaisnava. For the purpose of benefiting others, the Vaisnava goes to such great lengths to see to the preaching of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.' He said, 'This is Vaisnavism, this is Vaisnavism,' twice he said. And actually tears began to come to his eyes."

San Francisco Rathayatra Lecture 1970 At the Family Dog (July 24, 2015):
"Therefore my request is, I have specially come to you. I was not very feeling well to come here. But because I have come to San Francisco, I must give you the message. It is very important message. Those of you who are feeling frustration and confused, kindly take to this chanting of Hare Krishna mantra, that's all. There is no expenditure, there is no loss. We are not charging anything. It is not a business, that we are asking you to pay something because I am giving this information. No. It is freely distributed."

Progressive Ambition and Unsatiated Lust (Article) 1956 (July 23, 2015):
"The Supreme Lord is said to be 'Sachidananda Vigraha' in the revealed scriptures. 'Sat' means eternal. 'Chit' means fully cognizant and 'Ananda' means joy, and 'Vigraha' means specific Personality. Therefore the Lord or the Supreme Godhead who is one without a second is eternally a joyful personality with full sense of His identity. That is the nutshell description of the Supreme Lord and nobody is equal to Him nor greater than Him."

Photo Album #871 Salutations to Srila Prabhupada (July 23, 2015):
"nama om visnu-padaya krsna-presthaya bhu-tale/ srimate bhaktivedanta-svamin iti namine/ namas te sarasvate deve gaura-vani-pracarine/ nirvisesa-sunyavadi-pascatya-desa-tarine"

Photos of Vrindavan #9 Srila Prabhupada's palanquin (July 23, 2015):
"There is no time limitation for a pure devotee. He is always, twenty-four hours, one hundred percent engaged in activities under the direction of the Supreme Lord. To a devotee who is thus engaged in Krishna consciousness the Lord is very, very kind. In spite of all difficulties, he is eventually placed in the transcendental abode, or Krishnaloka."

Photos of Vrindavan #10 Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama Mandir (July 23, 2015):
"We open hundreds of centers all over the world just to give people in general a chance to hear about Krishna and accept Krishna's prasada. These two processes can be accepted by anyone, even a child. It doesn't matter whether one is poor or rich, learned or foolish, black or white, old or still a child..."

Where is Godhead? (Article) Is it possible to see Him? (July 22, 2015):
"In the Secretariat Buildings in New Delhi there is an inscription on the stone that Liberty does not descend upon a people but it has to earned before it can be enjoyed. Actually this is the fact and we have seen it that much sacrifice had to be rendered by the people of India before they could gain Swaraj. But in the matter of Godhead some irresponsible people ask, 'Can you show me.' 'Have you seen God?'"

Photo Album #870 Srila Prabhupada and Radha-Krishna (July 22, 2015):
"The pure devotee is always within the core of My heart, and I am always in the heart of the pure devotee. My devotees do not know anything else but Me, and I do not know anyone else but them."

Photos of Vrindavan #7 Srila Prabhupada in Vrindavan, India (July 22, 2015):
"Every living entity is eternally a servant of Sri Krishna Caitanya; therefore the spiritual master cannot be other than a servant of Sri Krishna Caitanya. The spiritual master's eternal occupation is to expand the service of the Lord by training disciples in a service attitude."

Photos of Vrindavan #8 Holy images of Vrindavan, India (July 22, 2015):
"Everyone is sleeping in the darkness of Kaliyuga, but when there is a great acarya, by his calling only, everyone takes to the study of the Vedas to acquire actual knowledge."

Nationalism of Pure Consciousness (Article) 20th June 1956 (July 21, 2015):
"When a man enters into the sitting room of a friend, the friend receives the man with all cordiality and offers him the best coaches for his comfortable rest. The friend accepts this friendly welcome and sits along with his host in all security. Does this mean that the man who has entered the house of his friend will consider the sitting room his own property?"

Photo Album #869 Srila Prabhupada's room, Vrindavan, 1978 (July 21, 2015):
"As you have described the placing of my photograph and offering to it Prasadam, that is good."

Photos of Vrindavan #4 Where the water is all nectar (July 21, 2015):
"The damsels of Vrindavana, the gopis, are super goddesses of fortune. The enjoyer in Vrindavana is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna. The trees there are all wish-fulfilling trees, and the land is made of transcendental touchstone."

Photos of Vrindavan #5 Where the talking is singing (July 21, 2015):
"Everything connected to the Lord is worshipable. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu instructs us that just as Krishna is worshipable, Krishna's place, Vrindavana is also worshipable. And as Vrindavana is worshipable, similarly the paraphernalia in Vrindavana -- the trees, roads, river, everything -- is worshipable."

Photos of Vrindavan #6 Where the walking is dancing (July 21, 2015):
"Lord Caitanya further explained that not only Krishnaloka but even Vrindavana, Lord Krishna's abode on this planet, cannot be estimated as far as potency is concerned. From one point of view, Vrindavana is estimated to be thirty-two square miles in area, yet in one part of this Vrindavana all the Vaikunthas exist."

Sufferings of Humanity (Article) Saturday 5th May, 1956 (July 20, 2015):
"Dr. Sharma of Delhi asked this question to one well known Swamijee (?) and the reply which he received from him did not satisfy him. The doctor asked the Swamijee whether the sufferings of humanity were created by God. If so, why did He create such sufferings?"

Photo Album #868 Srila Prabhupada's asana, Vrindavan, 1978 (July 20, 2015):
"In my room at Radha Damodara Temple you should keep one photo of me and offer to it Prasadam of Sri Radha Damodara."

Photos of Vrindavan #1 Take a journey to our spiritual home (July 20, 2015):
"It is said by Sri Rupa Gosvami: 'When one is actually liberated from material contamination, he can always remember an eternal devotee in Vrindavana in order to love Krishna in the same capacity. And developing such an aptitude, one will always live in Vrindavana, even within his mind.'"

Photos of Vrindavan #2 A visual pilgrimage to the holy land (July 20, 2015):
"Vedic literature states that there is nothing superior to the abode of the Supreme Godhead, and that that abode is the ultimate destination. When one attains to it, he never returns to the material world. Krishna's supreme abode and Krishna Himself are nondifferent, being of the same quality."

Photos of Vrindavan #3 Srila Prabhupada murtis in Vrindavan (July 20, 2015):
"Srila Prabhupada describes the word murti in the Srimad-Bhagavatam as 'having transcendental form.' As the bona fide jagat-guru (spiritual master of the entire world), Srila Prabhupada and his murti are worshiped daily in numerous temples around the globe."

Human Welfare Activities (Article) Friday 20th April, 1956 (July 19, 2015): "We met the other day the founder of one human welfare society and we have been pleased to see the plan. And we suggested a little more improvement on it by the method of keeping all the items of plans etc. in touch with the plannings of Bhagwat Geeta. The whole theme of the Bhagwat Geeta is to do everything in relation with the wish of the Supreme Lord."

Photo Album #867 Srila Prabhupada in his room, Vrindavan (July 19, 2015):
"I am sitting alone in Vrindavan Dham/ In this mood I am getting many realizations/ I have my wife, sons, daughters, grandsons, everything/ But I have no money so they are a fruitless glory/ Krishna has shown me the naked form of material nature/ By His strength it has all become tasteless to me today."

Srila Prabhupada's Rooms in Vrindavan, India (Photos) (July 19, 2015):
"Srila Prabhupada translated and wrote his purports to the first three volumes of the Srimad-Bhagavatam in his room at the Radha-Damodar temple before leaving for America."

Srila Prabhupada's Pastime Places in New York (Photos) (July 19, 2015):
"Srila Prabhupada sailed from Calcutta to New York in 1965 on board the Jaladuta steamship. His first stop outside India was in Port Said, Egypt on the Suez Canal."

Sri Krishna The Supreme Vedantist (Article) October, 1956 (July 18, 2015):
"I am the Person who lives as the Super Soul (Paramatma) in the heart of all living beings. It is from me only that one makes recollection of his past deeds and it is also from me only that one forgets the same. So I am not only the all pervasive impersonal 'Brahman' but also I am living individually as the 'Paramatma' within every living entity."

Photo Album #866 No more maya or hazy consciousness (July 18, 2015):
"If you stick to these principles with determination, you will be freed from all attachment to maya, by Krishna's grace. The example is that when the sun is in the sky then where is the question of darkness?"

Hare Krishna by Srila Prabhupada Five minutes of bliss (July 18, 2015):
"A deep and meditative rendition of the Hare Krishna mantra sung by Srila Prabhupada."

To the Subscribers and Sympathizers of Back to Godhead (July 17, 2015): "You have been reading my paper 'Back to Godhead' for sometime and certainly you might have formed some opinion about it. Some of my learned readers have already sent their valuable suggestions and opinions about it and I shall be glad to receive your opinion about your impression of the paper."

Photo Album #865 The dual importance of vani and vapu (July 17, 2015):
"Next you ask if I am present in my picture and form? Yes. In form as well as in teachings. To carry out the teachings of guru is more important than to worship the form, but none of them should be neglected."

Vaishnavas (Video) (11:00 min.) vaishnavebhyo namo namaha (July 17, 2015):
"A rare video of Srila Prabhupada and devotees in the early days of the Hare Krishna movement."

The Need of the Time (Article) Tuesday 20th November, 1956 (July 16, 2015):
"The fortnightly periodical BACK TO GODHEAD is the need of the time as the panacea for all sorts of material diseases in their various forms. The Ahmedabad incidences and several other occurances all over the world are creations of a Godless civilization and the need of the time is to counteract them for the tendency is so much harmful to the humanity at large."

Photo Album #864 A pure devotee sets the perfect example (July 16, 2015):
"A pure devotee never thinks himself as great; he always thinks that other devotees are greater than himself."

Causeless Mercy #180 Krishna consciousness is simple (July 16, 2015): "Prabhupada's Lotus Feet are our only shelter. Everything else is just a bubble in the sea."

Hope Against Hope (Article) Delhi, Friday 5th October, 1956 (July 15, 2015):
"Sometime we meet gentlemen of uptodate taste and try to make them interested in the matter of 'Back to Godhead.' Unfortunately we meet 80% men of atheistic views and they say very frankly that they have not only no interest in such theistic subject but also they condemn the attempt to bring back people in general to the path of 'Back to Godhead.'"

Deities #682 Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (July 15, 2015):
"The characteristics of Krishna are understood to be a storehouse of transcendental love. Although that storehouse of love certainly came with Krishna when He was present, it was sealed. But when Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu came with His associates of the Panca-tattva, they broke the seal and plundered the storehouse to taste transcendental love of Krishna."

Photo Album #863 Approaching Krishna through the Guru (July 15, 2015):
"Your next question is, should we love Krishna or love the spiritual master: You cannot go to Krishna directly, loving Him. It is common sense that if Krishna is the object of your love, His pet dog is also the object of your love. Friends meet friends and if the friend is with his dog the gentleman pats his dog first, is it not?"

Deities #681 Sri Manohara's Lotus Feet, Montreal, Canada (July 14, 2015): "Krishna is very kind upon you because he has given you so many responsible tasks. So always think of the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna and you will find no difficulties in executing the tasks allotted to you by Krishna."

Photo Album #862 Srila Prabhupada's perfect humility (July 14, 2015):
"You have written so many nice things in praise of me but I think that my Guru Maharaja is great, I am not great he is great. So sometimes by association of the great one appears great."

Bona Fide Spiritual Master #2 Divine Srila Prabhupada (July 14, 2015):
"In all the ancient literatures of devotional service and in the more recent songs of Srila Narottama dasa Thakura, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura and other unalloyed Vaisnavas, the spiritual master is always considered either one of the confidential associates of Srimati Radharani or a manifested representation of Srila Nityananda Prabhu."

Deities #680 Sri Manohara, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (July 13, 2015):
"I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who know this perfectly engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts."

Govindam Prayer (Video) A rare and special recording (July 13, 2015):
"Srila Prabhupada chants 'Govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami' along with temple devotees during morning Deity greetings." (Length: 1:35 minutes)

Photo Album #861 Srila Prabhupada on becoming fearless (July 13, 2015):
"This is tug of war. So don't be afraid of māyā. Simply enhance chanting and you'll be conqueror. That's all. We are not afraid of māyā because Krishna is there. Yes. Krishna says, kaunteya pratijānīhi na me bhaktah pranaśyati. You just declare, 'My devotee will never be vanquished by māyā.'"

Bona Fide Spiritual Master #1 Jagat-Guru Srila Prabhupada (July 13, 2015):
"The true acarya, the spiritual master of the entire world, must be considered an incarnation of Krishna's mercy."

Deities #679 Sri Sri Radha Manohara, Montreal, Canada (July 12, 2015):
"To those who are constantly devoted and worship Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me."

Photo Album #860 Srila Prabhupada on "Krishna's miracle" (July 12, 2015):
"Yes, from the very beginning I went to New York because I thought that Krishna Consciousness is the most important idea in the world, so let me go to that place, New York, which is the most important city in the world, and if I am able to do anything for Krishna and my Spiritual Master, even I am at the fag-end of my life, at least let me try for it there."

Letter to the Pope To His Holiness Pope Paul Vl, the Vatican (July 12, 2015):
"Your Holiness: Please accept my respectful humble obeisances at Your lotus feet. I beg to introduce myself as an Indian monk, following the Vedic principles of religious life, and at the present, I am in the renounced order of Sannyas (aged 72 years) and preaching God consciousness all over the world."

Deities #678 Sri Sri Radha Manohara, Montreal, Canada (July 11, 2015):
"One can understand Me as I am, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, only by devotional service. And when one is in full consciousness of Me by such devotion, he can enter into the kingdom of God."

Photo Album #859 The saintly qualities of a pure devotee (July 11, 2015):
"Devotee means he is able to tolerate all kinds of discomfort and whims of the material nature, and because he is so much absorbed in serving Krishna, he takes no time to become angry or take offense with others or find out some fault, no. Devotee means very liberal and kind to everyone, always gentleman under all kinds of conditions of life."

Bandu Sange (Lyrics) A song by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura (July 11, 2015):
"If you want to enjoy laughing and joking with friends and family, if this is really your desire, then listen to me. Don’t go, don’t go to Mathura (Vrndavana) to Kesi-ghata."

Causeless Mercy #179 Prabhupada's message was a hard sell (July 10, 2015):
"Srila Prabhupada never compromised. He was innovative and creative and made some adjustments to accommodate and achieve success in the matter of teaching Krishna consciousness ... but he never compromised. He didn't have to." (By Swarup Das, an early disciple of Srila Prabhupada.)

Photo Album #858 Prabhupada -- the "no compromise" guru (July 10, 2015):
"For my part I have taken up the policy of my Guru Maharaja -- no compromise. All these so called scholars, scientists, philosophers who do not accept Krsna are nothing more than rascals, fools lowest of mankind etc."

Jaya Radha Madhava (Video) by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura (July 10, 2015): "Srila Prabhupada was very fond of this song and sang it just before his lectures. In Allahabad and Gorakhpur Srila Prabhupada fell into a trance after singing the first two lines, and after some time he came back into external consciousness and said, 'Now just chant Hare Krishna.'"

Bhagavad-gita Class and Kirtan, New York 1973 (Video) (July 9, 2015):
"Srila Prabhupada delivers a must-see lecture with ecstatic chanting before and after class." (Hear from a self-realized soul.)

Deities #677 Jagannatha Deities, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (July 9, 2015): "My dear Arjuna, only by undivided devotional service can I be understood as I am, standing before you, and can thus be seen directly. Only in this way can you enter into the mysteries of My understanding."

Photo Album #857 Srila Prabhupada in San Francisco, 1967 (July 9, 2015):
"One must approach a self-realized person if he wants to understand the truth."

Bhagavad-gita As It Is 2.7 The beginning of spiritual life (July 9, 2015):
"By nature's own way the complete system of material activities is a source of perplexity for everyone. In every step there is perplexity, and therefore it behooves one to approach a bona fide spiritual master who can give one proper guidance for executing the purpose of life."

Back to Godhead (Article) Delhi Wednesday 20th June, 1956 (July 8, 2015):
"One who desires to go back to one's eternal home and back to Godhead may adopt the following recognised and authoritative devotional activities in order to train oneself to be eligible to enter into the transcendental realm, the eternal kingdom of God. No body returns from the kingdom of God to this material world of threefold miseries."

Deities #676 Jagannatha Deities, New Remuna Dhama, Toronto (July 8, 2015):
"In His left hand Lord Jagannatha holds a flute. On His head He wears the feathers of peacocks and on His hips He wears fine yellow silken cloth. Out of the corners of His eyes He bestows sidelong glances upon His loving devotees and He always reveals Himself through His pastimes in His divine abode of Vrindavana."

Photo Album #856 Srila Prabhupada outside 26 Second Ave. (July 8, 2015):
"The Lord is the master of all time and all space, and therefore the Lord's holy name must be heard, glorified and remembered everywhere in the world. That will bring about the desired peace and prosperity so eagerly awaited by the people of the world."

Srila Prabhupada -- Tompkins Square Park, 1966 (Video) (July 8, 2015):
"Chanting the holy name, dancing in ecstasy, singing, and playing musical instruments, the spiritual master is always gladdened by the sankirtana movement of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu." (Two minutes of ecstacy.)

Deities #675 Jagannatha Deities, New Remuna Dhama, Toronto (July 7, 2015):
"Sometimes in great happiness Lord Jagannatha, with His flute, makes a loud concert in the groves on the banks of the Yamuna. He is like a bumblebee who tastes the beautiful lotus-like faces of the cowherd damsels of Vraja, and His lotus feet are worshiped by great personalities such as Lakshmi, Shiva, Brahma, Indra and Ganesha."

Photo Album #855 Srila Prabhupada & family, Allahabad, 1930 (July 7, 2015):
"It is therefore said, vaisnavera kriya jijna na bhujhaya. A highly advanced Vaisnava lives in such a way that no one can understand what he is or what he was."

Safe and Easy Space Travel (Editorial) Beyond the universe (July 7, 2015):
"One of the first books that I read by Srila Prabhupada was Easy Journey to Other Planets in 1972. At the time, UFO's were a big thing. Television programs like "My Favorite Martian" and "Star Trek" were all the rage. Everyone was talking about the latest sightings of flying saucers in their part of the country. As a youngster, my imagination ran wild."

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