Overflood the Demons' Godless Civilization
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Prabhupāda: This book distribution is the most important task in our Society. Therefore I am giving so much stress and I am working so hard on this. Because this is my life and soul according to the order of my Guru Mahārāja. And by his grace it is to some extent successful. And I took it seriously.

I take it seriously still now. That is my life and soul. I never tried in India to construct big temples, or even in your country we didn't. I never tried. But I was selling personally books. That is the history. Sometimes they are criticizing, "What kind of sannyāsī? He is doing book business."
(laughs) ...

Preach as much as possible, by saṅkīrtana, big saṅkīrtana. Big saṅkīrtana is book distribution, and small saṅkīrtana is with mṛdaṅga. Big saṅkīrtana is going on all over the world; small saṅkīrtana locally. Overflood the demons' godless civilization. Our declaration of war against this godless civilization.

(Srila Prabhupada Room Conversation, Bombay, December 31, 1976)

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