Whatever We Have Belongs to Krishna
(Krishna washing the feet of Sudama Brahmana)

"Krishna is very kind, and He is giving the full remunerations to His sincere servants. We should always remember that Krishna is always grateful to His devotees. If some ordinary man gives sufficient remuneration to a worker, why Krishna will not give sufficient remuneration to His servants? But we should always remember that whatever Krishna gives us, that never becomes ours. It is Krishna's. The more we receive from Krishna, the more we engage the remunerations in the service of Krishna. That is the duty of a bonafide brahmin. A Vaisnava is automatically a bona fide brahmin. There is a proverb that a brahmin remains a beggar even if he receives $100,000. That means that a brahmin is supposed to spend all of his money for Krishna as he receives it from Krishna."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, July 24, 1969)

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