Be Serious and Sincere
"It is not that everyone should be equally expert. But the thing that is needed is that we should be serious and sincere in our engagement. Nobody can adequately serve Krishna because Krishna is unlimited. But Krishna so kind that even a small leaf or flower offered to Krishna by the poorest man in the world, Krishna accepts such thing. Krishna is so opulent that he is not even slightly benefited by any presentation but he is so kind and merciful that he accepts a little bit of leaf or flower or water from his devotees, and because a devotee comes to him with such love and affection he becomes very much satisfied. As a father is always sorry for the son is out of home, similarly Krishna is not very happy on account of so many bewildered fallen souls in the material world. He therefore comes personally to ask them to surrender again to Him. But the conditioned soul is so much illusioned that it is very hard to make him surrender to Krishna. Therefore each and every one of us, if we can give service to Krishna by making another man surrender to Krishna, then He will very much appreciate that service and that is our gain. Try to follow this principle and preach vigorously to your best capacity and everything will be all right. Don't worry."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, October 9, 1971)

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