Introducing "Bhakti Yoga at Home" Blog
By Priitaa devi dasi

How to practice Krishna Consciousness at home. For those working toward priest/nun initiate lifestyle (with or without ceremony), or those already initiated to revitalize, or folks who simply want to do what they can handle—finding nectar within it. All levels exist here. Plus bits of my life in the Movement of 1970s and beyond.

Especially, one goal of my blog has been to try to recreate some degree of the old days, so others can use it now-a-days.

I may or may not succeed, but gotta try. Did you miss out on the 1970's and wish you were there? Start here.

Already on this blog is information explaining "How To Create Your Own Home Altar, How To Offer Food, Devotee Etiquette, Japa," and more.

Now I'll be adding more, beginning with what it was actually like at that time.

Let's try to get things back to the way they were in the old days, which really is not limited to age or time-period, as they are transcendental days—that were never supposed to change. So go ahead and do them now.

Your servant,
Priitaa devi dasi
Editor: Bhakti Yoga at Home, Inspiration Newsletter, Krishna's Distance Healers, Prabhupada Jagat Guru, SeniorDevoteeGodsisters
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