Devotees Are Serious
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"Yes, you are right to say that self-realization is a serious work. The devotees know this and one of their qualities is that they are grave and not inclined to frivolity. A Krsna Conscious person is only interested in serving the Lord faithfully and he has got no other extraneous thought. His intelligence is always engaged in finding out the best way to execute loving transcendental service to Krsna and therefore he has no time for idleness. An idle mind is the devil's workshop—is a true remark. We should always remember that Maya and Krsna are side by side, just like light and darkness stand side by side. If one is not in the sunshine or light, then he is ipso facto in darkness. Therefore we must not be careless, but we should push on with great seriousness and sincerity, then we shall be certain of achieving the desired result."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, November 17, 1970)

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