Don't Become Discouraged
"So please do not ever become discouraged. That is one of the defects of conditioned life. Simply execute your duties in Krsna's service, chant sincerely, and follow the regulative principles faithfully. If you carry out this simple order of life, all your uncertainties will come to nothing by the grace of the Lord and the whole matter will become clear. The Lord is very kind and He awards right understanding of His transcendental Supreme Personality to His faithful devotee. And there is no such thing as material pangs for such a pure devotee of the Lord, because the Lord protects His devotees from the demoniac material allurements provided the devotee sincerely keeps himself pure by the above mentioned process of regulated life in Krishna consciousness. Therefore there should be no fear for you. Just know the danger lurking at every step in the material world and continue to execute your devotional service with great enthusiasm and determination. May Krsna bless you in His service."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, August 21, 1970)
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