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"Although Lord Baladeva appeared before the birth of Lord Krishna and is therefore Krishna's worshipable elder brother, He used to act as Krishna's eternal servitor. In the spiritual sky all the Vaikuntha planets are predominated by the quadruple expansions of Krishna known as the catur-vyuha. They are direct expansions from Baladeva. It is the singularity of the Supreme Lord that everyone in the spiritual sky thinks himself a servitor of the Lord. According to social convention one may be superior to Krishna, but factually everyone engages in His service. Therefore in the spiritual sky or the material sky, in all the different planets, no one is able to supersede Lord Krishna or demand service from Him. On the contrary, everyone engages in the service of Lord Krishna."

(Caitanya-caritamrta Adi-lila 6.76, Purport)
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Even Baladeva is a Servant of Krishna