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(Click to enlarge painting of Srila Prabhupada hearing from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, Radha Kunda)

"Although there is no GBC man for Far East for addressing your questions, still, as I am now old man and inclined for philosophy and translating, I am asking my disciples to kindly give me some relief from so much administrative work and asking questions. I have appointed this GBC for that purpose, and you are also senior member, and I have given you already everything, so you please consult among yourselves if you have questions. It is said sevon mukha hi jihbado, sayam eva sphurat adah, or 'By engaging one's tongue in chanting and taking prasad, simultaneously following the regulative principles, the Lord reveals Himself upon this.' In other words, if you are sincere to serve continuously and always chanting, all such questions become answered automatically. I never asked my Spiritual Master one question except one: 'How shall I serve you?' So in this way, kindly inform the others that I may be relieved to give you so many more nice books—that is my real desire."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, February 19, 1972)
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I Asked My Spiritual Master One Question