Krishna Will Certainly Save You
(Click to enlarge vintage painting of Radha-Krishna and the gopis)

"Because you are very nice, sincere boy so Krishna is now giving you very good facilities by which you can serve Him and at the same time perfect yourself for going back to Godhead. So if you try to continue in the humble attitude you have now, with little time you will have wonderful success in further developing your Krishna Consciousness. Actually the Krishna Consciousness is already there, but it is now covered up so we must wipe away the dirt of maya from our consciousness so the pure essence of consciousness, or love for Krishna, may once again shine forth. I am always praying to Krishna to help you more and more so if you remember to always increase your efforts to make progress in spreading this movement, then Krishna will certainly save you, rest assured."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, December 11, 1968)

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