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  (A small child offers a flower to Srila Prabhupada)

By Keshava dasa

"Did Prabhupada really love his disciples? What kind of love was it? How would you understand it? I knew that Prabhupada had a real type of love, a special love for disciples. And I knew that Prabhupada didn't show favorites. A lot of people thought that there was favoritism, circumstantially, not intentionally. But I knew that Prabhupada got so much satisfaction and relief out of a little child who brought the flower, or of the devotee who was humble and not on the front lines. And I knew that it was distributed evenly—his affection, his benediction, his blessings—they were distributed evenly."

(Prabhupada Memories, DVD 7)

Note: Keshava dasa joined the Los Angeles temple in 1969 and became the San Francisco temple president and one of the first book distributors in the movement. He was also Srila Prabhupada's driver and accompanied him on many morning walks.
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