(Krishna's beloved pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada, kindly blesses the Kumbha-mela)

"Still in India there are many yogis. They come at Kumbha-mela. We have seen some of them. They are some of them are 700 years old, and you'll see him just like a boy of 25 years. They are doing something, yoga. So they, rarely they come when there is some special function. In India there are four places. Just like in the modern days there are conferences of different parties, similarly, in India there are still about thirty hundred thousands of saintly persons. Not one, two. And they, not all, but at least, major portion of them, they meet together after twelve years in some particular places. There are four places. One at Prayāga. You have heard the name of Allahabad city. That is called Prayāga. And one at Hardwar, and at Kanchi. In this way they have got four places. That means every four years they have meeting. So in that meeting many yogis come. And when... Not in my this renounced order, when I was living for some time at Allahabad... Not some time. I lived there for thirteen years, at Allahabad. So I was seeing this Mela. Although it was taking at at least 12 years, I have seen twice or thrice. So these yogis, they are so calm and quiet and looking... Of course, I do not know. Somebody said this man is 700 years old, this man is 300 years old, but they look like young boys."

(Srila Prabhupada Lecture, New York, September 4, 1966)
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Prabhupada at Maha Kumbha-Mela, 1977