Rascals Deny the Existence of God
(Lord Kṛṣṇa reveals His Viśvarūpa or Universal Form to Arjuna.)

"Rascal means denying the existence of God. He's a rascal. Anyone who denies the existence of God, he's a rascal. Rascal means poor fund of knowledge. Everything... Suppose this is a country, Indonesia, nicely being managed: the roads are there; the policemen there, they're directing... Just yesterday we were trying to enter in a one-way, policeman directs. So this symptom says that there is a good government.

So any sane man, he'll see the cosmic manifestation—that the sun is rising exactly in time; the moon is rising exactly in time; the seasons are changing; the seas in its position... Just like the Pacific Ocean, at any moment it can overflow at any place, but it does not do so. You walk... I was walking in Los Angeles just about three feet away from the sea. So I was explaining to my students, 'Now, I am just three feet away from the sea, and the sea is so vast. At any second it can overflood us. But why you are confident the sea will not come here?' Because we know, by God's order, although the sea, the ocean, is so big, it cannot violate the order of God. That you are big, that's all right. But you cannot come beyond this line.

So these things are being managed, and there is no God? What a nonsense. If things are... Just like when you pass through a house, sometimes if you don't see..., the house is not properly taken care of, or there is no light in front of the house, there are so many garbages—we immediately say, 'Oh, there is no man in this house.' And as soon as you see house is very nicely kept, there is light and the garden is kept, we understand there is a man. So this is common sense. If things are going on, everything is going on so nicely, how you can say there is no management, there is no brain? How you can say? What is this nonsense? Huh? How you can say there is no God?

Asatyam apratiṣṭhaṁ te jagad āhur anīśvaram (BG 16.8). These are the rascal, atheist proposition, asatyam. There is no truth in it. Zero. From zero it has come. Just see nonsense. Does anything come out of zero? You assemble zero, many millions of zero in one place, but still it is zero. Do you think that if you make zero, zero, zero, zero, million times, has it any value? How do they conclude from zero such a management, cosmic manifestation has come? The flower is coming out nicely in its own way. The tree is coming. Human being is coming. Everything is in order. And there is no management. How much rascal there. Just see."

(Srila Prabhupada Conversation, Jakarta, February 25, 1973)

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