Sri Krishna Rasayatra
(Drawing by Madhavendra Puri dasa, Paris)

Sri Krishna Rasayatra celebrates Krishna's pastime of dancing with the gopis by the light of the full moon during the autumn season in Vrindavan.

A note from the artist: "Sri Krishna Rasayatra. A full moon night. This particular full moon has a particular significance for me. In 1972, I happened to be in Vrindavan during that particular period. Srila Prabhupada was there and, many devotees from around the world being there, we had been put up in the half abandoned palace of a Maharaja situated at Keshi Ghat. We shared the place with bats. On the night of this full moon, I found myself unable to sleep on the upper part of the palace's rooftop overlooking the Jamuna river. The spectacle left a very deep and lasting impression on me. I am sending you a drawing. It corresponds, I think, to the occasion."

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