The Bigger Mridanga
(Gaudiya Math logo designed by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta—see description below)

"My Guru Mahārāja used to say that this press is bṛhad-mṛdaṅga. Bṛhat means bigger, at large, bigger mṛdaṅga, bigger. Just like we are playing mṛdaṅga. This mṛdaṅga can be vibrated in the neighboring quarter, but our mṛdaṅga, Back to Godhead, that will go far, far away. So therefore this press was considered by my Guru Mahārāja as bṛhad-mṛdaṅga. He said. You'll find in the picture: there is this mṛdaṅga and press. He was very much fond of press. In the very beginning of his, this life, he started one press. You'll find in his life a small press."

(Srila Prabhupada Lecture, New Vrindavan, June 11, 1969)

Pictures inside the logo from the top clockwise (see #4 depicting a printing press and mridanga):

1.  Lord Chaitanya
2.  Book Bhagavatam
3.  Radha-Krishna
4.  Printing press and mridanga
5.  Vaishnava tilak
6.  Bell and lamp for worship
7.  Laxmi-Narayana
8.  Book Pancharatra (regulations for worship)

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