Transfer Your Love to God
(Click to enlarge photo of Srila Prabhupada and Radha London-Isvara, 1969)

"At the time of death, you think of what you have done all through your life. So the mental situation at the time of death will carry you to the different form of life as your mental situation. We do not see the mind, intelligence, although we say that 'I have got mind. You have got mind. You have got intelligence. I have got intelligence.' So but we do not see it. It is very subtle thing. But after the destruction of this gross body, the subtle body carries me to another gross body. We have got practical experience. The mind is so forceful that you are sitting here, and within a second, you can go to your home or homeland, which may be ten thousand miles away, immediately. The example is given: just like from a garden, rose garden, the flavor is carried by the air, and it is transferred to another place. So in this life, whatever mental creation we are doing or creating, that will be carried in the next life, and according to that, nature will give us a body. So if we think of dog, maybe we are transferred to the dog's body. If I think of God, then I shall be transferred to a god's body. So we have scattered our love for so many things in the material world. We have to collect everything and transfer everything for loving God. That is successful life. So if we think of God, then how we become purified and next we become transferred to the kingdom of God. And if we think of material things, then again we shall be transferred to another material body."

(Srila Prabhupada Lecture, Caracas, February 23, 1975)

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