Prabhupada Compilations, Part 1
(Click to enlarge photo of Srila Prabhupada)

For the past three or four years we've been posting compilations of about 10-12 Prabhupada quotes strung together on various topics. For your convenience we've decided to repost our most popular compilations starting today with Part 1. More follows. Please enjoy.

1)  Your Ever Well-Wisher

2)  A Pure Devotee Is the Highest of All

3)  The Importance of Prabhupada's Books

4)  Beautiful Krishna

5)  Madan Mohan, the Enchanter of Cupid

6)  The Importance of Deity Worship

7)  Chanting, Dancing and Feasting

8)  We Want Sincere Workers

9)  Everything Will Come

10)  Slow But Sure
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