What's New 2
Remembering Krishna (Compilation) (December 25, 2016):
"We can remember Krishna in every moment. We can remember Krishna while taking a glass of water because the taste of water is Krishna."

Three Kinds of Miserable Condition (Compilation) (December 19):
"So there are three kinds of miserable condition in this material world, and either of them or all of them, they are always troubling us. This is our position."

If You Cannot Do Anything Sri Sri Radha Govinda (December 17):
"So here is Krishna. If you simply think, 'Here is Krishna, Radha-Krishna Deity,' you may be fool number..., rascal number one; that doesn't matter."

The Importance of Deity Worship (Compilation) (December 14, 2016):
"The Lord is all-powerful, and therefore He is able to accept our service by presentation of His arca form."

Ocean of Mercy (Compilation) vāñchā-kalpa-tarubhyaś ca (December 13):
"Vaisnava is the ocean of mercy. There is no end. As you cannot, I mean to say, draw all the waters from the ocean, it is not possible."

A Devotee is Soft-Hearted (Compilation) (December):
"When the heart is completely softened and devoid of all material desires and when one’s emotional feelings become very strong..."

The Business of a Brahmana (Compilation) (December 8, 2016):
"Brahmana will never ask. Brahmana is eager to give lesson only. That's all. Brahmana is eager to see that people are educated."

The Glories of a Pure Devotee (Compilation) (December 6, 2016):
"Pure devotees are so absorbed in thought of Krishna that they have no other engagement; although they may seem to think or act otherwise..."

Guru and Krishna (Compilation) Help from within and without (December 5):
"Since one cannot visually experience the presence of the Supersoul, He appears before us as a liberated devotee."

Srila Prabhupada's Spiritual Form (Compilation) (December 4, 2016):
"The photos of my murti are very nice. The murti of the Spiritual Master should be treated as good as the Deity."

How to Approach Krishna (Compilation) Jaya Sri Krishna! (December 3):
"Yes, Krishna is never approached directly. Krishna is approached through His bonafide servitors."

Unity on the Spiritual Platform (Compilation) (December 1, 2016):
"The United Nation is trying for the last forty years, but there is no unity; it is not possible on the bodily platform. But on the spiritual platform there is unity."

The Valuable Jewel of Spiritual Love Sage advice (December 1, 2016):
"Devotees should protect their valuable jewel of spiritual love from the clutches of thieves and burglars."

His Divine Loving Grace (Compilation) Jaya Prabhupada! (November 29):
"The preacher must love the people. Otherwise why he is taking? He can do it for himself at home. Why he is taking so much trouble?"

I Left My Heart in Vrindavan, Part 2 (Photos) (November 28, 2016):
"Vedic literature states that there is nothing superior to the abode of the Supreme Godhead, and that that abode is the ultimate destination."

I Left My Heart in Vrindavan, Part 1 (Photos) (November 27):
"Everything connected to the Lord is worshipable. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu instructs us that just as Krishna is worshipable, Krishna's place, Vrindavana..."

Servant of the Servant A hundred times removed (November 26):
"We are servant of servant. That is Caitanya Mahaprabhu's instruction, gopi-bhartuh pada-kamalayor dasa-dasanudasah (CC Madhya 13.80)."

Love Means for Everyone (Compilation) Real love is universal (Nov. 25):
"If we become pure devotee of Krishna, then my love will be extended to everyone. Not only my society, but to everyone."

Hearing from the Right Person A pure devotee of the Lord (November 24):
"The secret of success in the cultivation of Krishna consciousness is hearing from the right person."

Srila Prabhupada's Humility, Part 3 (Compilation) (November 23):
"Practically there is no credit for me, if there is any credit it goes to my Spiritual Master, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Prabhupada..."

Srila Prabhupada's Humility, Part 2 (Compilation) (November 23):
"I am very insignificant. I have no capacity. My business is only to convey the message of Krishna. Just like a postal peon..."

Srila Prabhupada's Humility, Part 1 (Compilation) (November 22):
"Although my Guru Maharaja ordered me to accomplish this mission, I am not worthy or fit to do it. I am very fallen and insignificant."

Fight and Depend on Krishna A devotee is fearless (November 18):
"Fight and depend on Krishna, that will bring you victory."

Devotional Service is Voluntary The motive is love (November 17):
"I can only suggest, and wherever possible that can be applied, but I do not force anyone."

The Dangers of Modern Civilization, Part 3 (Compilation) (November 16):
"The whole scheme should be to satisfy the Lord. This is the secret of success."

Face Things as They Are And depend on Krishna (November 15, 2016):
"So bodily, mental, by enemies -- so many impediments will come. What can be done? We have to tolerate. That is material world."

The Benefits of Chanting Hare Krishna (Compilation) (November 13):
"So Krishna consciousness is so beautiful thing that it does not require any material acquisition, neither it can be checked by any material… "

The Dangers of Modern Civilization, Part 2 (Compilation) (November 9):
"These, nowadays, the modern civilization is a rascaldom. Everyone is adhira. He does not know..."

The Dangers of Modern Civilization, Part 1 (Compilation) (November 8):
"I can understand your concern about the deterioration of the civilization. Yes, the city will be more dangerous place as Kali-yuga advances."

Krishna is Everywhere (Compilation) Having the eyes to see (November 7):
"Krishna is situated everything, but still, you cannot see in Krishna unless you have got eyes to see. That is Krishna consciousness movement..."

The Purpose of Our Movement (Compilation) (November 6, 2016):
"So this movement, our Krishna consciousness movement, is for this purpose, to see the Absolute Truth, to understand the Absolute Truth..."

We Must Become Serious (Compilation) (November 4, 2016):
"We must become so responsible for seriously practicing this art of Krishna Consciousness, because this world is so full of degrading elements..."

Honoring our Godbrothers and Godsisters (Compilation) (November 2):
"The Spiritual Master is never without His followers, so to serve the Spiritual Master also means to be the servant of His disciples."

He is My Lord, Birth After Birth (Compilation) (November 1, 2016):
"He opens my darkened eyes and fills my heart with transcendental knowledge. He is my Lord birth after birth. From him ecstatic prema emanates..."

The Secret of Success (Compilation) Getting the mercy (October 30, 2016):
"Satisfaction of the self-realized spiritual master is the secret of advancement in spiritual life."

Don't Expect Utopia (Letter) Always something lacking (October 29, 2016):
"It is not so much that because there may be some faults in our godbrothers and godsisters..."

The Bona Fide Spiritual Master (Compilation) (October 28, 2016):
"What is the difficulty? I can see... Just like all my disciples, they are following me. Why?"

I Have Come Here to Give (Compilation) Selfless compassion (October 26):
"I have not come to earn money from your country, but I have come to your country to give you something sublime... not to take from you..."

The Most Painful Existence (Photo) Feeling separation (October 25):
"Ramananda Raya replied that separation from a pure devotee constitutes the most painful existence."

To Err is Human (Compilation) Conditioned souls make mistakes (Oct, 24):
"The difference between a conditioned soul and a liberated soul is that the conditioned soul has four kinds of defects."

Love of Prabhupada (Compilation) The highest love (October 20, 2016):
"You cannot survive without my mercy and I cannot survive without your mercy. It is reciprocal. This mutual dependence is based on love..."

Srila Prabhupada's Heart (Compilation) Filled with love (October 19, 2016):
"Our business is to chant and glorify the Holy Name of Krishna and wherever we may remain, Krishna is with us, Krishna is within your heart..."

Don't Waste Time (Compilation) Make your life a success (October 17):
"So the Krishna consciousness movement is very scientific, authorized. Try to understand Krishna. We have got so many literature."

One Must Be Determined (Compilation) Despite all difficulties (October 16):
"In executing penance, one must be determined to return home, back to Godhead, and must decide to undergo all types of tribulations for that end."

Srila Prabhupada, Friend of the Fallen An ocean of mercy (October 14):
"Lord Nityananda, when passing on the street, saw a crowd of people howling at some incident, and on inquiry it was found that there were two rascals..."

Don't Feel Alone, Part 3 Separation and meeting are the same (October 13):
"I shall remain your personal guidance, physically present or not physically, as I am getting personal guidance from my Guru Maharaj."

Don't Feel Alone, Part 2 We are not separated spiritually (October 12, 2016):
"Physical presence is immaterial; presence of the transcendental sound received from the spiritual master should be the guidance of life."

Don't Feel Alone (Part 1) Krishna and Guru are with you (October 11):
"Don't feel yourself to be alone because Krishna is always with you. Krishna is always with every living entity as Supersoul, and to His devotee especially..."

One Must Tolerate all Kinds of Troubles (Compilation) (October 9, 2016):
"A person who tolerates all kinds of troubles, even though such troubles appear to be unbearable, is called forbearing.

More Quotes on Serving Krishna (Compilation) (October 7, 2016):
"Just see how you all are giving all of your time and energy and attention to serving Krishna and how this simple formula is having such effect..."

Accept Krishna's Plan (Compilation) sarva-dharman parityajya (October 6):
"So far your thinking about things and making so many plans, that is all right, but our first business is Krishna's plan. That is the only plan..."

On Serving Krishna (Compilation) From Prabhupada's letters (October 4):
"Krishna is very merciful to His sincere devotees, but also we have to remember that Maya is very strong."

Engage Your Talent in Krishna's Service (Compilation) (October 3, 2016):
"So our this movement is based on practical activity. Whatever talent you have got, whatever little strength you have got, education you have got..."

Nine Kinds of Devotional Service (Compilation) (October 2, 2016):
"Sri Rupa Gosvami affirms herein that there are nine different kinds of devotional service, which are listed as hearing, chanting, remembering, serving..."

Krishna Will Give You Intelligence (Compilation) (October 1, 2016):
"According to the desires of the living entity, the Lord makes him remember or forget."

You Have to Become Patient (Compilation) (September 30, 2016):
"'I have become Krishna's devotee, but still I'm not feeling happy. How is that?' So therefore you have to become patient."

Make the Best Use of a Bad Bargain (Compilation) (September 29, 2016):
"Although this body is temporary, we can utilize it for the best purpose. What is that best purpose? Realization of Krishna."

No One Should Criticize a Pure Devotee (Compilation) (September 27):
"The Lord can tolerate insults upon Himself by any miscreant because the father tolerates even insults from the son. But He never tolerates..."

The Secret of Surrendering to Krishna (Compilation) (September 25):
"The qualification is that a person always engage himself in Krishna consciousness and with love and devotion render all kinds of services."

The Mercy is Always There (Compilation) (September 24, 2016):
"The mercy of the spiritual master is always there, but we have to take it. Just like the sun, it is there for everyone..."

No Material Impediments to Love of God (Compilation) (September 23):
"If you want to love God, there is no material impediments. Ahaituky apratihata. It cannot be checked."

Do What You Can for Guru and Krishna (Compilation) (September 22):
"In the transcendental loving service of the Lord, it doesn't matter whether we are working, cooking, painting, writing, chanting, or whatever..."

A Perfect Gentleman (Compilation) (September 20, 2016):
"Brahmana means perfect gentleman. A rogue, thief, cannot become brahmana. Brahmana is perfect gentleman. Who feels for others..."

No Such Thing as Big or Small Seeing with equal vision (September 19):
"Actually in our movement there is no such thing as big or small. Everyone is a devotee."

The Greatest Achievement To be a servant of the servant (September 18):
"The greatest achievement for a devotee is to become a servant of the servants. Actually no one should desire to become the direct servant of the Lord."

Guru Bhakti Whether I will be successful or not successful (September 17):
"Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura has taught very, very nicely about guru. Therefore he has written in Gurvastaka, yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasadah."

A Pure Vaisnava can Deliver Krishna to Anyone He Wants (September 14):
"In this song, Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes that a pure Vaisnava, as the proprietor of Krishna and love of Krishna, can deliver both to anyone..."

You Must Fight Not that you sit down idly and let God do it (September 12):
"God never says that 'I am God, Krishna. I am your friend. You sit down idly and I shall do everything.' He never said that."

One Moon is Sufficient What these millions of stars can do? (September 11):
"We want one sincere person who has learned to love God, Krishna. That's all. I have come to your country with this mission..."

One Must Fly by Individual Strength Becoming strong (September 8):
"Our relationship is eternal. But if somebody lags behind, so in spite of our eternal relationship one may not meet other at the destination."

They are Vaisnava Srila Prabhupada's spiritual daughters (September 6):
"But these women are not ordinary women. They are preachers. They are preachers. They are Vaisnava. By their association, one becomes a Vaisnava."

We are Vaisnavas Male or female, it does not matter (September 5, 2016):
"We are Vaisnavas. We are not concerned with male or female position in life. That is simply body concept of life. It is not spiritual."

Everyone is Our Prabhu A Vaisnava's natural humility (September 4, 2016):
"As servants of the Supreme Lord, all living entities are one, but a Vaisnava, because of his natural humility, addresses every other living entity as prabhu."

That Person Becomes Most Dear to Me Becoming dear to Krishna (Sept. 3):
"As the Supersoul of the living entities, sitting in everyone's heart, I observe everyone's activity in every stage and order of life."

Divine Qualities of a Pure Devotee Jaya Srila Prabhupada! (August 29):
"A devotee of the Lord is always kind to everyone; he does not pick quarrels. His interest is in the essence of life, which is spiritual."

You Have to Bow Down Why you forget your position? (August 28, 2016):
"You are bowing down to everyone. You are bowing down to death, you are bowing down to disease, you are bowing down to old age."

Help from Friend in the Heart Sunday lecture (August 28, 2016):
"There is a English proverb that 'God helps him who tries to help himself.' That is a English proverb. So to become Krsna conscious is not very difficult thing."

The Essence of Krishna Consciousness A simple formula (August 27, 2016):
"Chant, dance, take prasadam, live very happily, and look very brilliant, and next life go to home, back to Godhead."

The Meaning of Vyasa-Puja (The Most Blessed Event, Sri Vyasa-Puja):
"So this Vyasa-puja means one day in a year, on the birthday of the spiritual master, because he is representative of Vyasa..."

The Culture of Knowledge The path to self-realization (August 23, 2016):
"One should himself become a perfect gentleman and learn to give proper respect to others."

The Flower of Your Country Prabhupada's boys and girls (August 22, 2016):
"I came to this country from India six years ago to introduce Krishna Consciousness, the scientific process of spiritual life..."

Instruction Alone is not Enough Seeking the mercy (August 21, 2016):
"Instruction alone cannot make one an expert. Unless one is blessed by the spiritual master, or the acarya, such teachings cannot become fully manifest."

Guru-Prasada The spiritual master distributes the mercy (August 20, 2016):
"The word guru-prasada indicates that the spiritual master is very merciful in bestowing the boon of devotional service upon the disciple."

One Who is Very Fortunate kona bhagyavan jiva (August 16, 2016):
"According to their karma, all living entities are wandering throughout the entire universe. Some of them are being elevated to the upper planetary systems..."

One Must Seek the Mercy of Pure Devotees yasya prasadad (August 15):
"In this song, Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes that a pure Vaisnava, as the proprietor of Krishna and love of Krishna, can deliver both to anyone..."

Please Accept Me Now I have come to my consciousness (August 14, 2016):
"All you have to do is bow down before Krishna with faith and say, 'My Lord Krishna, I was forgetful of You for so long, for so many lives."

Open for Everyone Everyone can chant and see the results (August 13):
"This Krishna consciousness movement is not something new, something that we have introduced or manufactured. It is authorized on the Vedic principles..."

No Cause of Feeling Forlorn Srila Prabhupada's reassurance (August 8):
"There is no cause of feeling so forlorn. As long as we are chanting Hare Krishna Mantra we are always under Krishna's protection."

You Always Have My Blessings We are running on his mercy (August 7):
"You always have my blessings, the father always wishes that the son may be more successful than himself. This is the spiritual conception."

I am Always with You Srila Prabhupada's promise (August 5, 2016):
"I am always with you. Never mind if I am physically absent."

To Feel Separation is Very Good Spiritual attachment (August 4, 2016):
"To feel separation from the Spiritual Master or Krishna is very good position."

You Should Pray to Krishna for Me A sweet Prabhupada memory (July 31):
"I think that one of the most profound experiences I had with Srila Prabhupada took place in 1969 when I was serving him during his visit to Hamburg."

The Heart of a Pure Devotee Always liquified, just like nectar (July 29):
"As honey and butter become melted even in slight sunshine, softhearted persons become easily melted."

Equal to Everyone Those who are wise see with equal vision (July 27, 2016):
"The pure devotee is actually equal to everyone, as confirmed in Bhagavad-gita (18.54): brahma-bhutah prasannatma/ na socati na kanksati..."

More Than Millions of Dollars The spiritual vision of a pure devotee (July 26):
"I want one soul saved. That is more than millions of dollars."

Our Movement is the Only Hope Do everything nicely (July 25, 2016):
"I wish that it will be noted down in history that this Krishna Consciousness Movement is responsible for saving the world."

A Vaisnava's Sincere Humility Never admits his exalted position (July 24):
"It is characteristic of advanced Vaisnavas following the principles of bhakti that they think themselves ordinary human beings."

I Need Your Help Srila Prabhupada is calling (July 23, 2016):
"You write to describe me as a loving servant of the Lord. If you believe me so, then kindly help me in my service. That will help both of us."

We Must Depend Only on Krishna mam ekam saranam vraja (July 22):
"If He gives us something we shall accept and offer it in His service, if we have nothing, what is the harm, we shall sit under a tree and chant Hare Krishna."

Srila Prabhupada's Only Business Without any personal motivation (July 21):
"You asked me to pray for the devotees, and that is the only business of my life."

Boiling the Milk It becomes thicker and sweeter (July 20):
"Now I want that we shall concentrate on making our devotees Krishna conscious and ourselves becoming Krishna conscious, and not be so much..."

No Question of Disappointment Comforting words from Prabhupada (July 19):
"There is no question of disappointment in Krishna Consciousness. We shall try our best -- success or no success, we shall depend on Krishna."

Pure Gold Eternally golden Srila Prabhupada (July 18, 2016):
"When a diamond is set in a golden ring, it looks very nice. The gold is glorified, and at the same time the diamond is glorified."

Utilizing Everything in Krishna's Service That is our vision (July 16):
"One should not give up anything which can be utilized in the service of the Lord. That is a secret of devotional service."

Srila Prabhupada's Only Desire It's an open secret (July 15):
"You write to me that you do not know what is my desire, but my desire is an open secret."

Vaisnava is Never Alone Always feeling the presence of Guru (July 14):
"Vaisnava is never alone. When I first came to the United States I was seemingly alone for one year. But I never felt alone."

Srila Prabhupada's Divine Lotus Feet The sweetest nectar (July 13):
"The lotus feet of our spiritual master are the only way by which we can attain pure devotional service. I bow to his lotus feet with great awe and reverence."

This Relationship Cannot Be Ended Prabhupada's promise (July 12):
"So far as I am concerned, I have accepted you as my disciple and you have accepted me as your spiritual father. This relationship cannot be ended..."

The Highest Benediction Receiving the mercy of Srila Prabhupada (July 11):
"Even a moment's association with a pure devotee cannot be compared to being transferred to heavenly planets or even merging into the Brahman..."

Vaikuntha Thinking Everyone is a servant of the Lord (July 10, 2016):
"Everyone should be friendly for the service of the Lord. Everyone should praise another's service to the Lord and not be proud of his own service."

Whether He's a Fool or Rascal Krishna accepts him if recommended (July 9):
"One who takes asraya, shelter of a devotee, Krishna does not give him up. Krishna accepts him. Yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasadah..."

How to Become Dear to Krishna In Lord Krishna's own words (July 8, 2016):
"Regardless of which stage one is in, when I see that one is engaged seriously and sincerely in discharging the duties ordered by the spiritual master..."

Little Drops of Water Wear the Stone Prabhupada's determination (July 5):
"I write in the night. I get up at half past twelve. I go to bed at half past ten, and I get up at half past twelve. Then I finish my chanting..."

Bowing Down to the Right Person Srila Prabhupada led by example (July 4):
"If you don't bow down to Krishna and His representative, you'll be forced to bow down to something else -- maya (illusion). That is your position."

Krishna is Merciful to Humble Devotees trnad api sunicena (July 3, 2016):
"Krishna is so very merciful to those who are very humble in their attitude engaged in the service of the Lord."

Krishna's Causeless Mercy is Always There We just have to take it (July 2):
"If we take up that causeless Mercy a little seriously than further causeless Mercies are bestowed one after another unceasingly."

Completely Dependent on Krishna's Mercy No other shelter (June 29, 2016):
"I could have died on the way, but instead Krishna mercifully brought me here. Why Krishna has brought me here, only He knows."

Our Only Business is to Satisfy Krishna Some way or other (June 26, 2016):
"Whatever business you may have, it doesn't matter. Whatever talent you have got, it doesn't matter."

I Cannot Repay Your Sincere Service Srila Prabhupada's gratitude (June 24):
"You are doing so much for fulfilling the desire of my Spiritual Master so you are indirectly the representative of my Guru Maharaja."

Ready to Come Back from Goloka Vrindaban (June 21, 2016):
"So far as I am concerned, in relationship with my disciples who are so kindly cooperating with me..."

According to Your Individual Capacity However best you are able (June 20):
"You have got now the golden opportunity of this human form of life, and it is not accident that you have got your spiritual master..."

Everyone Should Try His Best The only qualification for advancing (June 19):
"So I am very much pleased that you are doing your job very nicely. Everyone should try his best to do his part depending on Krishna and Spiritual Master..."

More Glorious than the Sunshine Blissful Srila Prabhupada (June 18):
"The sun is far above the planetary systems, and there is no possibility of its being covered by any kind of cloud"

Nothing More than Sincerity Anyone can adopt this method (June 17):
"Some scholars recommend that knowledge and renunciation are important factors for elevating oneself to devotional service. But actually that is not a fact."

The Devotees are Always Kind Infinitely merciful Prabhupada (June 16):
"Even though a person is rejected by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the devotees of the Lord do not reject him..."

Vrindavan Graffiti Kṛṣṇa is everywhere in Vrindavan (June 11):
"You have seen the picture of Kṛṣṇa, He is fighting with the Kāliya serpent. He is dancing. He is not afraid of the serpent. He is dancing."

The Brahmana and the Sweet Rice An endearing story (June 10):
"In some of the Purāṇas the evidence is given that if someone is simply meditating on devotional activities, he has achieved the desired result..."

Chant Hare Kṛṣṇa During the Eclipse (Compilation) (June 9):
"All strict followers of the Vedic religion stand up in the water throughout the whole period of the eclipse and chant the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra."

Seeing Krishna Everywhere (Photo) Nothing but Krishna (June 8, 2016):
"A person in Krishna consciousness certainly sees Lord Krishna everywhere, and he sees everything in Krishna."

The True Acarya (Photo) His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada (June 7):
"The true acarya, the spiritual master of the entire world, must be considered an incarnation of Krishna's mercy."

Manifested Representation of Nityananda (June 6, 2016):
"In all the ancient literatures of devotional service and in the more recent songs of Srila Narottama dasa Thakura, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura..."

Ambassador of Bhakti Yoga An historic newspaper article (June 5):
"A slight brown man in faded orange drapes wearing white bathing shoes stepped out of a compact car yesterday and into the Butler YMCA..."

Back to Godhead Interview The idea behind this website (June 4):
"So many people know about Mahatma Gandhi, for example, but how many people know about the founder of the Hare Krishna movement..."

Simple and Sublime (Photo) Our philosophy in a nutshell (June 3):
"Live peacefully, chant Hare Krishna and be happy in your life."

Stay High Forever 1966 flyer imploring public to chant Hare Krishna (June 1):
"No More Coming Down. Practice Krishna Consciousness. Expand your consciousness by practicing the transcendental sound vibration."

The Mercy of a Vaiṣṇava vāñchā-kalpatarubhyaś ca (May 31):
"Prahlāda Mahārāja is the topmost example of a Vaiṣṇava, who is always compassionate toward sinful persons suffering a hellish life..."

Krishna is Energized by Radharani Prakrti means energy (May 31):
"Krishna has got also energy, the original purusa -- Radharani, energy, prakrti. Krishna is engladdened in the presence of Radharani. That is nature."

Constitution of Association Prabhupada's vision for his society (May 30):
"On July 11, 1966, Srila Prabhupada formally registered ISKCON in the state of New York as a nonprofit, tax-exempt religious organization."

Radha-Krishna Temple, Haight-Ashbury, 1967 (Map) (May 30):
"Srila Prabhupada quickly established Krishna Consciousness as the genuine 'peace and love' movement which so many were earnestly seeking at the time."

Krishna is Very Kind In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution (May 29):
"Krishna is very kind. He does not let go anyone who might have done a little bit of service. So how can He allow you to forget Krishna?"

Swami Jesus (Photo) The Lord speaks through innocent child (May 29):
"I am obliged to your good daughter for awarding me a good degree as SWAMI JESUS which is actually a great honour for me."

Words of Wisdom By Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati (May 28, 2016):
"Those who are favored by God find their paths set with thorns. There is no peace or happiness in our worldly life."

The Smile of a Pure Devotee Beautiful Srila Prabhupada (May 28, 2016):
"Pure devotees are so absorbed in thought of Krishna that they have no other engagement..."

The Test for a Sincere Devotee Serving the Guru in all situations (May 27):
"You are doing solid work, even alone, and I am very pleased. This is the test for a sincere devotee."

No Separate Endeavor is Required The ultimate solution (May 27, 2016):
"As fog is vanquished at the first glimpse of sunlight, one's sinful reactions are automatically vanquished as soon as one begins serving a pure devotee."

More Desirable than Life Itself Separation from Srila Prabhupada (May 26):
"In the Fifth Canto of Brhad-bhagavatamrta (5.44) it is stated that the association of a pure devotee is more desirable than life itself..."

Our Whole Philosophy is Love The basic principle of spiritual life (May 26):
"And our whole philosophy is love. We are just trying to learn how to love Krishna, that's all."

Everyone's Friend Your ever well-wisher, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami (May 25):
"Krishna is everyone's friend, and the pure devotee is carrying the friend's message. Therefore, he is a friend."

Properly Respecting the Lord's Servants Honoring Prabhupada (May 21):
"The servants of God come to propagate God consciousness, and intelligent people should cooperate with them in every respect."

Personally I am Humble Servant of Krishna Merciful Prabhupada (May 17):
"Personally I am humble servant of Krishna as you are also, but I am deputed to accept your service just to transfer it to Krishna as via media."

He is Always in the Spiritual Sky Beyond the material cover (May 13, 2016):
"A pure devotee of the Lord does not live on any planet of the material sky, nor does he feel any contact with material elements."

Our Society Should Be One Big Loving Family (May 12, 2016):
"Our Society is like one big family and all our relationships should be based on love and trust."

Exchange of Love The whole system was like that (May 11, 2016):
"If I am in trouble, I express my open mind before you, and you also try to help me. These are the six signs of love. That is Vedic civilization."

Lord Nrsimhadeva's Appearance Day (Lecture) Nrsimha-caturdasi (May 9):
"Today is the appearance day of Lord Nrsimhadeva. It is called Nrsimha-caturdasi."

The Greatest Savior His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada (May 6, 2016):
"This material world is sometimes regarded as an ocean of nescience and sometimes as a blazing forest."

The Lord Excuses No One Who Harms His Devotees (May 5, 2016):
"The devotee of the Lord does not retaliate against the wrongdoer, but the Lord does not tolerate any mischief done to the devotee by the miscreants."

To Feel Separation is Good So don't be disappointed (May 2, 2016):
"To feel separation from the Spiritual Master or Krishna is very good position. That means one who is in pure love with Krishna and His Representative..."

In The End You Will See Srila Prabhupada says we must not falter (April 30):
"Please always try to remember me by my teachings and we shall always be together."

Remember This Always Reassuring words from Srila Prabhupada (April 29):
"The Spiritual Master is present wherever his sincere disciple is trying to serve his instructions. This is possible by the Mercy of Krishna."

Krishna's Miracle Prabhupada's unflinching faith and devotion (April 27):
"Now I can see that it is a miracle. Otherwise, your city of New York, one single old man, with only a few books to sell for barely getting eatables..."

Always a Gentleman He is very liberal and kind to everyone (April 25, 2016):
"Devotee means he is able to tolerate all kinds of discomfort and whims of the material nature..."

Accepting Krishna's Mercy A devotee's humble attitude (April 24):
"When a devotee is put into hellish conditions, he accepts them as Krishna's mercy: tat te 'nukampam susamiksamanah. He does not protest..."

Srila Prabhupada and Allen Ginsberg Conversation Parts 1-3 (April 22):
"For the Vaisnava, to become poet is another qualification. Vaisnava has twenty-six qualifications. I think it is written there."

Leader of the Masters Master at whose feet all other masters sit (April 1):
"We are taught to address others as Prabhu. Prabhu means master; and the leader of the masters is called Prabhupada."

A Single Pure Devotee of the Lord Fully empowered by Krishna (March 29):
"It is said that a single pure devotee of the Lord can deliver all the fallen souls of the world."

Our Only Tie is Love of Godhead Everyone is to be treated well (March 28):
"Either Indian or foreign whoever joins us they are not under any obligation, our only tie is Love of Godhead."

The Direct Help of the Lord Mercy from within and without (March 24):
"The Lord is seated in the heart of all living beings, and thus, He knows very well the movements of all individual persons."

Our Eternal Father Srila Prabhupada assures us all (March 17):
"So far as I am concerned, I have accepted you as my disciple, and you have accepted me as your spiritual father. This relationship cannot be ended..."

Srila Prabhupada's Determination Executing his guru's order (February 19):
"But I have taken all the risk in the old age because I am in duty-bound. I am in duty-bound. So I have to execute my duty in spite of all my inconveniences..."

Rain of Mercy A downpour of love from His Divine Grace (February 18):
"The pure devotee is the pleasure-possessing cloud, and when he is filled with transcendental loving service, then he can bestow his mercy as a downpour..."

Hare Krishna Address (Text and Audio) By Srila Prabhupada (February 17):
"As explained on the cover of the record album, this transcendental vibration -- by chanting of Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare..."

Homage to the World Acarya Srila Bhaktisiddhanta's Appearance Day:
"Gentlemen, the offering of such an homage as has been arranged this evening to the acaryadeva is not a sectarian concern."

Adore Ye All (Poem) Srila Prabhupada glorifies his Gurudeva (February 15):
"Adore, adore ye all/ The happy day/ Blessed than heaven/ Sweeter than May."

The Substance of Krishna Consciousness KC in a nutshell (February 14):
"Krishna consciousness is not manufactured by us through mental speculation. It is prescribed in the Bhagavad-gita..."

Unlimited Gain Chanting is beneficial to one and all (February 13):
"If you want to understand this movement through philosophy, science argument, we are prepared. There is ample opportunity for you."

Vyasa-Puja Reply from Srila Prabhupada (February 11):
"I am so much pleased with your kind and affectionate words on the occasion of my birthday anniversary on the Nandotsva day this year (1972)."

Lord Nityananda's Mercy He distributes prema indiscriminately (February 9):
"Lord Nityananda Prabhu offers this pure love of Godhead, pure love of Krishna indiscriminately. He distributes this prema with two hands!"

Approaching Nityananda Prabhu The authorized way (February 9):
"So far your questions are concerned. Nityananda is the principle of the Guru. So, the Gurudeva is the incarnation of Nityananda."

Your Spiritual Life is Already Here You don't need anything else (Feb. 1):
"'Have you ever heard of LSD?' I ask boldly.'No,' he says.'It's a chemical,' I say, vaguely feeling stupid."

In God We Trust Letter to the President of the United States (January 31):
"On your new $2 note it is stated 'In God We Trust,' and directly beneath 'Declaration of Independence, 1776.'"

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta's Disppearance Day Lecture (January 30):
"So today is the Disappearance Day of my guru maharaj. As I told you, that sadhava jiva ma maro va. There was a nice story, the other day I told you."

Lord Vamanadeva Appearance of Lord Vamanadeva (September 2):
"The Lord therefore pretended to be a beggar brāhmaṇa, and He asked Bali Mahārāja for a measurement of three footsteps of land."

Srila Jiva Gosvami Appearance of Srila Jiva Gosvami (September 2):
"He is one of the very important acaryas in our sampradaya, so especially his Sandarbhas should be discussed."

All These Praises Will Reach to Kṛṣṇa Śrī Vyāsa-pūjā (August 16):
"As it has come through the channel of disciplic succession, all these praises will also reach to Kṛṣṇa through that disciplic succession."

Kṛṣṇa Was God from the Very Beginning Kṛṣṇa Janmāṣṭamī (August 15):
"So Kṛṣṇa was God from the very beginning. As soon as Kṛṣṇa took birth, He appeared in four-handed viṣṇu-mūrti."

Kṛṣṇa's Appearance Śrī Kṛṣṇa Janmāṣṭamī (August 15):
"At the time of Kṛṣṇa's birth, the planetary systems were automatically adjusted so that everything became auspicious."

Be Strong with the Mercy of Balarama Balarāma Purnima (August 7):
"Thus one should accept the sword of knowledge from Kṛṣṇa and be strong with the mercy of Balarāma."

Who is Lord Balarama? Lord Balarāma's Appearance Day (August 7):
"Śrī Balarāma is the servitor Godhead who serves Lord Kṛṣṇa in all affairs of existence and knowledge."

If You Bring a Light, There is No Darkness Śrī-Śrī-Kṛṣṇa-Balarāma (July 27):
"Kṛṣṇa is compared to sunshine, and māyā is compared to darkness. Wherever there is sunshine, there cannot be darkness."

Love Krṣṇa in His Original Form Śrī-Śrī-Rādhā-London-īśvara (July 27):
"Can you love Viśvarūpa? If Kṛṣṇa comes before you with Viśvarūpa, you'll forget your love."

Serving Lord Jagannatha May He be the object of my vision (July 21):
"Yes, to please Lord Jagannatha means to go on serving Him to the best of your ability. That love is there, dormant, for Lord Jagannatha."

The Sun and Moon Rise Together The mercy of Gaura-Nitai (July 20):
"I offer my respectful obeisances unto Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya and Lord Nityānanda, who are like the sun and moon."

Exactly Like a Village Boy Vrindavana lila (July 3):
"After hearing Kṛṣṇa calling, the cows would immediately respond by mooing, and the boys would enjoy this exchange to their hearts’ content."

Mountains of Sapphire and Silver Krishna and Balarama (July 2):
"With Their bodily effulgence the brothers were dissipating all the darkness of the world, as if They were mountains of sapphire and silver."

Canada is Temporary Today is Canada's anniversary (July 1):
"Anything you take, anything material, that is temporary. Similarly this body is temporary, this house is temporary, this country is temporary."

The Most Important Place in the World (Srila Jiva Gosvami's Disppearance):
"So you have got this opportunity. So at least for a few days let us sit down here, and under the protection of Srila Rupa Gosvami and Jiva Gosvami."

The Glorious Passing of Haridasa Thakura (Disappearance Day):
"Anyone who hears this narration will certainly fix his mind firmly in devotional service to Kṛṣṇa."

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Appearance (Lecture):
"So our adoration, our worship to Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura today, because he may bless us to make peacefully progress in Kṛṣṇa consciousness."

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